You Can Now Send Email Newsletters Natively With Ghost

Ghost has always been an excellent blog platform but since the release of Ghost 3.0, the development team has been slamming out the features on a regular basis to make it even better.

This latest feature is the ability to send native email newsletters with Ghost using their new Members & Subscriptions feature (which you can read more about here).

The way this works is simple; when you write a new post, you can now choose to deliver the post to subscribers via email as shown below.

Ghost 3.0 Native Newsletters

This isn't just a quick email notification, however, you can even set a custom subject line, preview the email before it goes out and send yourself a test one to make sure everything looks OK.

The dev team have included a stunning new email template that does a great job of making the content look beautiful. If you use the members function within Ghost to offer paid subscriptions, then content specifically marked as paid only will only go to that subset of users and the same goes for free content of course.

Ghost Email Template
Here's a look at the email template.

There is an unsubscribe link within each email and users can, of course, choose whether or not to subscribe from within their profile on your website.

There's more information about this feature over on the Ghost blog where they first shared the news so go check it out.