Elgg 1.9.6 released

Elgg has released an update with a focus on improving their documentation for the benefit of their users.

The open source social networking platform has been around for a number of years. It enables businesses, schools and universities to create their own social networks and applications.

Learning Elgg Has Never Been Easier

Along with a number of bug fixes and general tweaks, version 1.9.6 is laregly about Elgg's documentation. Specifically, the update has involved moving moving pages from docs.elgg.org to learn.elgg.org. Here's what got moved around:

  • “Finding plugins” page moved.
  • “Plugin order” page moved.
  • “Getting help” page moved.
  • “Duplicate installation” page moved.
  • “Backup and restore” page moved.

The purpose was of course to migrate Elgg's user documentation from docs.elgg.org to learn.elgg.org, which was a much needed move in my opinion. The new home for Elgg's documentation is far easier to navigate, and is easier on the eyes.

Not only will this update help existing users, but it should also allow potential social network developers the chance to learn more about what Elgg can do.

The full list of bug fixes and updates for Elgg 1.9.6 can be found here.

Also, you can discover more about Elgg via our CMS Directory.