Elcom Version 11 Brings New and Enhanced Digital Performance Capabilities

Elcom today unveiled the new version of its Digital Transformation Platform – Elcom V11. This release supports the need for staff to consistently deliver meaningful and superior digital experiences, by giving them the enterprise tools to elevate their performance.

Ryan Bloch, COO and General Manager at Elcom, explains, “Both internal and external audiences are demanding improved digital experiences. Our goal has always been to make it easier for all staff to meet this need efficiently and securely. With 80+ enhancements to existing functionality, as well as the addition of several new capabilities, organisations can now execute their digital strategy faster and smarter, without sacrificing the usability they have come to expect of the platform.”

This feature-rich update provides a new level of flexibility and security to the content creation and management experience. Some highlights organisations can look forward to:

· New Suite of Enterprise Reporting. Several new reports enable administrators to easily keep track of system errors, as well as security permissions for groups and individual users on both a granular and high level. Publishers and content owners gain detailed insights into digital assets across their sites including content downloaded and updates made, to monitor content activity and drive smarter insights for the future.

· Enhanced Security. An extra layer of security can be added to the login process with Two-Factor Authentication. This requires a user to enter a secure pin, one-time QR code or other information only known to that user, protecting private account information from external threats.

· Powerful Compliance Tool. Highly customisable, the new Acknowledgements module can be used for an external audience to request consent to use cookie tracking or to request staff or other internal audience acknowledge they have read an important article or message. Coupled with detailed tracking, Acknowledgement is a powerful and easy way to meet both regulatory standards and corporate compliance.

· More Identity Management Options. Along with integration to SAML and Active Directory, administrators can now use Okta as an identity provider. This offers administrators a new way to securely and automatically import users into their Elcom platform, as well as providing single-sign on capabilities to offer end-users a seamless experience across their connected platforms.

· Full Video Sharing Support. V11 offers full support for popular video sharing platform, Vimeo, to easily share Vimeo hosted videos on an Elcom site.

· Flexible Corporate Directory. Emerging from a major revamp, the new corporate directory brings with it completely configurable fields and organisation charts. Administrators can easily display information where and how they want it, with complete flexibility over the look and feel, making it easier than ever for staff to find the right person to assist them.

To learn more about how Elcom V11 can help elevate your digital performance, click here.