Ecommerce Web Design: Six Hot Trends

Head-turning ecommerce web design is pivotal for the success of your online store as attention-grabbing pages publicise your brand. Just like any other creative sphere, web design is a fickle industry that constantly undergoes changes. With the development of new tools like HTML5 and CSS3, new design trends start to take off. Below there are six popular trends in creative web design that can be incorporated into your own web page.

Go big

As ecommerce is growing big, it is high time to use big images and fonts for big impressions. Tiny thumbnails are out as oversized headers, logos, fonts and images are the latest trend in ecommerce web design today. Don’t make your visitors think that you are hiding some details in small fonts and go for a 60 pt title at the top of your page. Power web designers use bold and imposing calls for action as they demand users to note and remember your brand.

Print design and typography

Creative layouts resembling print newspapers and posters with multi-column text, supporting imagery and footnotes are in style. Sites with carefully crafted ecommerce web design are often called ‘art-directed’ and are fuelled by the determination of creators. Such designs are usually found at freelance sites and are rarely used by corporations as they require quite a lot of time and effort to create and maintain. If you decide to take advantage of art-directed design, don’t overload it with details as good design is about effective communication, not decorations. Remember that your layout should support the content of your site without dominating it.

Clean and minimal

Annoying oversaturated websites with dark colours have seen better days as minimalistic ecommerce web design has come into play today. Web sites featuring lots of refreshing pallets and plain textures spice up your page without distracting the attention from the content. If you are working with nature textures like wood or water, opt for the right chromatic palette in order to make sure that your design looks great.

Pixel-perfect design

Contemporary designers give a lot of attention to pixel-perfect elements like toolbars, menus and buttons that look great on both high resolution laptop monitors and iPods. Make sure that your page doesn’t feature any blurry areas by zooming all the page elements while designing. With the help of powerful software like Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop crisp ecommerce web design has never been easier to create.


Vintage has made a great come back in the ecommerce web design industry, still retro-looking sites are quite hard to create. Creased paper structure, retro-inspired imagery and beautiful retro aesthetic often attract a lot of viewers. Still, this style is sometimes hard to embrace without proper artistic taste and advanced skills, so if you are a big fan of the retro style, hire qualified designers who are glad to help you out.


With the development of multi-touch devices, horizontal scrolling has come into play winning a lot of fans and followers. Elaborate web design allows users to avoid slowly-loading galleries and provides a pleasing reading experience. In order to make your website easy-to-navigate, opt for horizontal navigation with a speed control at the top of your site.

With the development of advanced web tools, new ecommerce web design trends appear every year. When designing a website you can take advantage of one of the trends listed above or incorporate a few ideas, creating your own trend.