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Duda Website Builder

Duda, the website builder with a focus on mobile, has announced the availability of free SSL Certificates for all their users, made possible through a sponsorship and integration with Let’s Encrypt.

Duda was ranked 97th in Deloitte’s Fast 500 list for 2015, and as of 2016, is listed as one of Google’s Preferred Website Builders.

The Duda website builder is used by small-to-medium sized brands to craft mobile-specific websites that are optimized for conversions. A white label website reseller program, DudaPro, is also available for those wishing to offer Duda’s technology under their brand.

With this move, Duda becomes the first website builder to offer SSL Certificates as an integrated part of its platform at no additional cost. Which is impressive.

Catering to the Demand for a Secure Internet

Itai Sadan, Duda's CEO and Co-Founder, pointed to the importance of encryption in today's security conscious digital world:


“The need for a secure internet is a mission shared by both Duda and Let’s Encrypt. Data and communication belong to website owners and their customers — not anyone else — and at Duda, we feel that everyone has the right to expect this without having to pay an additional cost for it.”

Duda will provide encryption technology to all users, without the hassle and expense previously experienced while installing SSL certificates, which is especially beneficial to small businesses and the professional community that serves them, who up until now have forgone this online security measure.

“We are proud to be joining a community of other industry-leading companies and internet security advocates who share this vision.”

I managed to speak with Duda's CEO back in 2015, and he was optimistic about the future of the product – and with over 5 million websites running on Duda, he has every reason to be.

Learn more about the Let’s Encrypt initiative.

To learn more about Duda, visit their website

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