DreamHost Remixer gets WordPress Export Feature


DreamHost® has launched a WordPress Export Feature built into its proprietary website builder, Remixer.

Effective immediately, DreamHost Remixer users who are also DreamHost customers have the power to export their sites to WordPress, carrying across all styles, theming and content created within Remixer into a freshly created WordPress website. The new WordPress export tool does away with Remixer’s “walled garden” approach to website content and brings true data portability to Remixer users, aligning with DreamHost’s stance to fight for the Open Web.

“We’re committed to supporting the Open Web,” said DreamHost’s vice president of product, Remixer, Ralph Castro. “From free speech to free software, to giving our users complete control and ownership of their data, this launch builds on the web’s early promise to help users share their content online on their platform of choice.”

Remixer has embraced WordPress’ new, in-development “Gutenberg” design paradigm, exporting block-based designs and content designed to work with the WordPress of today and tomorrow.

To date, Remixer is the only standalone website builder with the ability to export websites and their content directly to WordPress, making this a noteworthy industry first. More than that, once a DreamHost customer’s site of choice is moved to WordPress with Remixer, they will have the freedom to take their site to any hosting service of their choice.

“DreamHost customers can use WordPress' own built-in Export tool to take their data anywhere,” explains VP of Corporate Communications for DreamHost, Brett Dunst. “That's one of the great benefits of the Open Web and open technology like WordPress — true data portability.”

Other notable features of the newly updated Remixer website builder include:

  • Unlimited websites: With Remixer, feel free to build as many websites as you’d like all under one plan.
  • No page limits: Build an unlimited number of pages on your website.
  • Custom domain name: Assign your own domain name to your Remixer website.
  • Free stock photos: You’ll have access to gorgeous professional photos via Pixabay.
  • SEO made easy: Update your SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions.
  • Your own media library: Publish photos, videos and audio directly to your site.

Like its new WordPress Export feature, Remixer’s unique ability to guide the average internet user through the intimidating process of website building is built on the foundation of the Open Web. The website builder caters to the majority of internet users who don’t know code and whose web experience is limited to sending emails. Whether you need a site for your small business, you professional portfolio, or your creative ventures, Remixer allows you to easily build your foundation and export your creation to WordPress, the home of 75 million other websites.

DreamHost Remixer’s WordPress export tool is in beta and is available at no charge to all new and existing Remixer All Access users and DreamHost Shared Hosting customers. User feedback during this period will be used, as always, to shape the future of Remixer and other new offerings from DreamHost.

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