DotNetNuke Corp. Announces Acquisition of Social Collaboration Solutions Provider, Active Modules

DotNetNuke Corp., the company behind the most widely adopted Web Content Management Platform for Microsoft.NET, announced its intention to migrate its award-winning DotNetNuke platform from Visual Basic .NET. to C#.

Since 2004, Active Modules has offered ecommerce and social collaboration solutions for the DotNetNuke platform. The acquisition will provide DotNetNuke users with more access to the Active Modules product features and the ability to seamlessly integrate social features into their web sites.


  • The award-winning Active Forums module allows users to easily build a complete online community and quickly setup a feature-rich user forum. Most of the Active Forums technology will become open source and will replace the existing DotNetNuke Forums module, making it available for users of the DotNetNuke Community, Professional and Enterprise Editions.
  • Active Social allows web site visitors to interact with each other individually and in groups. Key features include user profiles, groups, private messaging, journals, events, links, Twitter integration, notes, user and group photo galleries, comments, comment notification, friends as well as public, private and invite only settings. Some Active Social functionality will be integrated into the DotNetNuke open source core framework, making it available in all DotNetNuke Editions. Some Active Social technology will be used as a basis to build new social media features for the DotNetNuke Professional and Enterprise Editions.
  • Active Purchase simplifies ecommerce for SMBs and is ideal for organizations that need a reliable, easy to implement and maintain ecommerce solution for selling a small to moderate number of items on their web site. Active Purchase will be integrated into the DotNetNuke Professional and Enterprise Editions.
  • DotNetNuke is the fastest growing open source web CMS ever on .NET with over 1,100 subscription customers, 33,000 Snowcovered customers, 400 percent year-over-year growth, and more than 600,000 production web sites worldwide. Connect with us online: (company) or (Snowcovered marketplace); DotNetNuke blogs; and the DotNetNuke Community LinkedIn Group.

According to Navin Nagiah, President and CEO of DotNetNuke Corp., “Today, more than ever, organizations need to maintain their presence within and market to multiple channels including the traditional open web and the newer social and professional webs. This requires a content management system that helps companies holistically manage content and their presence across these channels.

Our vision is for DotNetNuke to be the fully integrated and exhaustive content management system that helps organizations manage information across all these channels. Active Modules has some great intellectual property and people that will help us realize this vision. We are very excited about what this acquisition means for our users and customers in the future.”