DNN Evoq Social Receives New Features to Enhance Online Community Engagement

The award-winning marketing solution provider DNN, today released the latest version of Evoq Social, an online community solution that enables businesses to create immersive and interactive online communities.

DNN  powers hundreds of thousands of websites and a large number of communities worldwide, offering a suite of solutions that make designing, building and managing feature-rich sites and communities fast, easy and cost-effective. The DNN Platform CMS is the foundation for over 800,000 websites worldwide and powers Evoq Content.

Supporting communities in over 30 countries around the world, DNN know a thing or two about successful community building. Nearly 63 percent of its users are deemed very active, and more than 8,000 new members sign up per month.

This new version of Evoq Social boasts an enhanced set of features and options for deploying social groups, encouraging conversations and enhancing collaboration. So, let's take a quick look at what's new.

Group Spaces, Group Directory & Easier Blog Authoring

First of all, Evoq Social’s group capabilities have been enhanced. Now called “Group Spaces”, this feature provides more tools for group owners, community managers and administrators to help members discover new groups, along with ways to invite new members via notifications or email.

A brand new “Group Directory” allows groups to be quickly and easily searched, created, tagged and moderated similar to other Evoq Social features and is tightly integrated with Evoq Social’s gaming mechanics engine.

Evoq Social also provides a simplified community manager experience, giving additional insight into how community members are contributing with answers and ideas.

Furthermore, DNN has streamlined the platform’s blog authoring capabilities, allowing users to create even more compelling content to be shared on social networks. Evoq Social also features the ability for unauthenticated users to easily post a comment without the need for login or account registration, making the platform even more socially inclusive.

Responding to Customer Feedback & A New Trialling System

Regarding the release of these new features, Will Morgenweck, DNN vice president, had this to say:

“Our new Group Spaces and Group Directory capabilities are the result of feedback from our customers, who told us they wanted to organize content and conversation within particular groups of users. Groups Spaces will facilitate these focused interactions. At the same time, we’ve made it easier for users to discover new groups they can join to collaborate with like-minded peers.”

In addition to launching the latest release of Evoq Social, DNN have also deployed a new and simplified trial experience. Users interested in Evoq Social can launch a free trial of the product, directly from the DNN website.

In the new trial experience, users will be able to spin up and configure the basic elements of an online community in no more than five minutes. To test the platform out, sign up for a  free Evoq Social trial today.

To find out more about DNN Evoq Social, check out their official website.

Additionally, you can get to grips with the DNN Platform via our CMS Directory.