Designed to Engage, Convert & Retain: A Look at Sitefinity's Content Management Philosophy

Telerik Sitefinity is the latest platform to receive our featured week treatment, and it’s now time to delve into the philosophy behind its powerful content management features.

Telerik Sitefinity is an ASP.NET web content management and marketing platform. Some of the world’s biggest brands trust Sitefinity with their websites, including Toyota, Audi, Kraft Foods and NASA. Recently, the platform received the 2014 Critics' Choice CMS Award for Best Enterprise .NET CMS.

Mike Johnston recently interviewed Robert Mattson, Telerik's Director of Product Marketing while on the CMS Critic North American Tour. He also had the pleasure of witnessing a detailed product walkthrough delivered by Telerik’s Product Marketing Manager, Svetla Yankova.

Now, back to those content management features.

Great Customer Experience Starts with Great Content

The act of producing and presenting content is at the heart of every website and digital marketing campaign.

Sitefinity CMS empowers marketers with user-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces for when it comes to general content management such as in-line page editing, as well as form building.

The inline editing feature enables marketers to add and edit all forms of content on the fly, right there on the page. Not only does this streamline the entire process, but it also simplifies it so that almost anybody can make changes.

Content administrators can also benefit from features like approval workflows, versions histories and granular permissions help to keep both content and marketers in check.

Sitefinity CMS also employs powerful digital asset management, enabling marketers to manage assets from a central location, giving them organizational features such as hierarchical libraries, categories and tags.

Naturally, this unified method of digital asset management saves an abundant amount of time and money, while also serving to help marketers produce better content, faster.

Sitefinity CMS also offers a centralized approach to website management. The platform’s multisite management makes it easy for organizations to manage a collection of websites and microsites through a centralized interface.

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Personalized Customer Experiences at Scale

Converting customers in today’s market demands a personalized experience.

The first step is always to segment your audience, before delivering the content most relevant and valuable to each segment.

For this, Sitefinity CMS provides marketers with a simple interface for defining segments through various criteria such as where the visitor came from, what they searched for, their location, duration of their visit, etc. You can define custom criteria and have any combination of AND/OR criteria to define your segments.

Sitefinity CMS then enables allows marketers to serve different content and information.

For example, visitors of a business background will need to be presented with articles and whitepapers discussing relevant topics. Whereas, visitors with a developer background will want to see some code samples. Sitefinity CMS caters for all of this, and more.

All the final results can of course be tested by marketers, as Sitefinity CMS allows for the marketer to impersonate a visitors from each segment, so that they can test each personalized experience first hand. Of course, analytical data including key performance indicators can also be reviewed.

Social media integration makes up another dimension of Sitefinity CMS ’s’ personalization power.

For instance, customers can log in with their existing social media handles, while marketers can improve social media presence by adding social sharing buttons to website pages, pushing content to Twitter and RSS feeds automatically, and more.

Sitefinity CMS also serves up targeted email marketing features along with A/B testing to hone campaigns.

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Integration For The Sake Of Retention

Retaining customers is an ongoing, multi-faceted process. However, it’s fair to say that exercising integration capabilities can play a key role.

As well as the social media integration previously mentioned, Sitefinity CMS also integrates with a number of popular CRMS, DAMs and marketing suites.

Among the popular tools and platforms which play nice with Sitefinity are; Google Analytics, Akismet, PayPal PayFlow Pro, Dropbox, Salesforce, Marketo and Microsoft SharePpoint.

Naturally, this wide range of integratable platforms only extends the power of Sitefinity CMS as a content management solution.

Perhaps more importantly though, such integrations will help marketers retain customers by making use of third-party customer relationship managers, analytical data, and more.

Furthermore, the overall user experience can be enhanced thanks to integrated tools and solutions such as PayPal and Akismet.

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For more details on Sitefinity CMS visit their website. You can also explore more of Sitefinity via our CMS Directory.