Meet the Critics

Janus Boye

Boye & CompanyBoye & Company | Aarhus, Denmark

Janus Boye has worked at the intersection of networking, innovation and digital leadership since 1998, focusing on connecting leaders to learn from each other and create superior results in a friendly down-to-earth way. Read More →

Matthew Garrepy

SolodevSolodev | Winter Park, FL – United States

Matt is an award-winning digital leader with a passion for technology and storytelling. A Silicon Valley veteran, strategist, and seasoned marketer, he is currently Chief Digital Officer at Solodev, a content management (CMS) and customer experience platform built for AWS. Read More →

Mike Johnston

CMS CriticCMS Critic | Edmonton, Canada

Mike is the founder of CMS Critic, which he established in 2008. He's a huge tech geek by day and a cocktail maker by night. Read More →

Paris Tuzun

DigitalUsDigitalUs | Orlando, United States

Paris is a Contributions Editor at CMS Critic. Having worked at the intersection of design and development for years, she is passionate about better experiences. She likes video games, fountain pens, rustic notebooks, and Corgis. Read More →

Sana Remekie | Toronto, Canada

Sana Remekie is the CEO and co-founder of Conscia, a Digital Experience Graph that orchestrates and personalizes content from both legacy and modern sources in a truly headless fashion.  She has spent most of her career architecting, developing, and selling digital solutions to large enterprise clients with a deep focus on data-driven experiences. Sana is an ambassador with the MACH... Read More →

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