Critic's Choice for Best Free CMS goes to...

My choice for Best Free CMS for this year (and the one that will be my #1 recommendation in this category until next years awards) is the one and only, ProcessWire!  ProcessWire is a free, open source content management system/framework that lets you build amazing and unique websites and web applications while maintaining exceptional speed and a small footprint.

One of the biggest bonuses to using ProcessWire is the active and friendly community. Users of the system are made to feel welcome and and are given encouragement and assistance to help get their projects off the ground. Community members are quick to help those in need with not only detailed solutions but also suggestions on how things can be done better.

ProcessWire is an incredibly flexible system to use and when I first took a look at it, it's minimal interface and size made me think I was dealing with something that had minimal capabilities, but I was sorely mistaken. Once I started working my way through their excellent video tutorials and trying things on my own, I quickly realized the power of this system and that I was, in fact, only limited by my imagination.

As my choice for this year, when asked to offer suggestions for the best free CMS, I will point to ProcessWire.  They will receive my recommendation from now until next year's winner is announced.

Congratulations to Ryan and the team at ProcessWire, you guys deserve it! If you haven't already done so, check out my ProcessWire Review to learn more.