Craft CMS Announces the Release of Craft 3 and the Craft Plugin Store

Today, Pixel & Tonic, the team behind Craft CMS is excited to announce the long-awaited release of Craft 3 and the Craft Plugin Store. Craft 3 has been highly anticipated in the Craft Community as the platform has been completely rewritten, redesigned, and refactored for better performance and more out of the box functionality. Craft 3 is more than 3X faster than its predecessor and includes hundreds of new features and improvements notably:

  • Multi-Site – Run multiple sister sites from a single Craft install at no extra cost. It's Craft's localization features, only better.
  • Image Editor – The ability to crop, rotate, flip, and set focal points on all your images directly in the Control Panel.
  • In-line Asset Preview – Quickly view your photos and assets everywhere in Craft CMS by pressing Shift + Spacebar.
  • Debug Toolbar – Allows developers to learn everything there is to know about how requests are being processed.
  • PostgreSQL – Similar to MySQL, but better in every way.
  • The Craft Plugin Store – Quite possibly the most anticipated feature in Craft 3. The Craft Plugin Store is an online marketplace that allows web developers to purchase Craft plugins directly through the Craft Control Panel. No more having to visit third-party sites to discover, purchase, and download Craft plugins. The Craft Plugin Store also utilizes Craft ID, an online portal for Craft customers, where they can securely store payment and license information enabling every Craft-related purchase to be made through one secure transaction.

The addition of these features and upgrades demonstrates Pixel and Tonic's continued commitment to creating a modern content management framework that is enjoyable to use for development professionals and content creators alike. Craft 3 allows developers, designers, and content teams to create bespoke websites that look and function to their speci­fic needs without having to wrestle with the CMS.

Learn more or grab a copy here: