Craft 2.3 Arrives With Flurry of Features

Craft CMS has just released its latest version, bringing about a wide range of updates. It's not a “major” update, but it's definitely not a minor one either.

Flexibility, simplicity, and control are the three buzzwords Craft use to describe themselves. With tailorable sections, custom fields, and content creation tools, Craft is designed to be able to suit the needs and wants of each user.

Craft 2.3 brings about over 230 new features, improvements, and APIs. Impressive. Here's a video, followed by the highlights.

Index Page Editing & Matrix Revamped

With Craft 2.3, it’s now possible to make changes to your entries, categories, assets, or users right from their index pages. You can edit a user from a modal window, update the status on a batch of entries, replace a file with a new one, bulk-delete a few unneeded categories, and so forth.

Matrix fields also have a new look, and it’s now possible to reorder, expand, collapse, enable, disable, and delete multiple blocks at once. Plus, Craft's Matrix block type fields can now have instruction text.

They are also no longer required to have names, helping to streamline block creation.

More Scalable, Extensive & Understandable

Craft's Control Panel has been enhanced in a number of areas. According to Craft, the control panel is now better equipped to handle sites with thousands of entries, categories, users, and assets.

For example, plugins can now add their own tools to element index pages using the new Element Actions APIs, and there are some new hooks that make it possible to customize the index pages’ table columns.

Finally, the Craft Control Panel is now as accessible as ever. It has been translated into five new languages: Simplified Chinese, Hebrew, Korean, Spanish, and Swedish. That brings Craft's grand total up to 15 supported languages.

For more information on Craft CMS 2.3, check out their website, as well as their roundup of what's new. The full release notes can be found here.

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