Combine RallyMind’s API with the familiarity of Google Sheets

Get your landing pages up and running without worrying about where to begin. Map your content in a single spreadsheet. RallyMind does the rest.

By syncing RallyMind Landing Pages with Google Sheets, you can easily modify content in your spreadsheet while RallyMind generates your campaigns in real-time.

Seamless modifications

Make changes to your campaigns without touching a single landing page. RallyMind will maintain consistency across all your campaigns.

Optimize your creatives by making quick and easy changes to fields, such as:

  • Landing Page URLS
  • Vendor Names
  • Phone Number
  • Images & links

Scalability with just a spreadsheet

After setting up your spreadsheet, RallyMind generates the campaigns that fits your needs. RallyMind looks out for changes to your spreadsheets and updates any existing or creates new landing pages in real-time.

While other landing page services only publish one or two campaigns at a time, RallyMind can publish 10s to 100s of landing pages quickly and effortlessly as it tracks your modifications. We believe that scalability is key to your brand’s campaign performance.

One way companies are using RallyMind

Companies use the RallyMind platform to up their campaign performance in sectors such as channel marketing.

In cases where agencies must produce countless campaigns for various vendors for their products, RallyMind eases this process by managing specific landing page URLs with their corresponding vendors. This allows agencies to easily keep track and make changes to any of their campaigns with each vendor.

Let us help you

The Google Sheets integration is one of many features that allows RallyMind to help you achieve your campaign goals. Let RallyMind streamline your landing page processes.