CMS Provider pTools Adds Social Media Content Distribution To Its Software

Content Management Software (CMS) provider, pTools, today announced the addition of a range of embedded social media and networking features to its software. From within the pTools CMS, social media content can be easily re-distributed to any site anytime in any format on any social network.

A key feature, pTools ‘TwitterDocs’, allows users to post to Twitter as they publish content through the CMS. There is no need to separately login to Twitter, and the content-related Tweet is controlled and managed within the CMS and its workflows.

In addition to Twitter, customer content is presented on Facebook, LinkedIn, and indexed in live search engine results such as Google & Bing with no pre-or post-publishing tweaking required.

The new features, which will be launched at the Digital Media Conference in Dublin at the end of the month, meaning that businesses can now manage multiple online campaigns for different demographics through one content management engine.

Commenting on the development, Lee Annett, customer relationship and business development manager at pTools says: “Content is at the heart of the social networking experience and pTools Content Management Software (CMS) is helping customers get the most from their online content without the need to manually republish content to every ‘current’ social media site.  From within the CMS, content can be pushed out to potentially thousands of online locations and draws visitors back into the central website.

pTools is a leading enterprise web content management software vendor providing high-level feature functionality that delivers powerful content management for critical enterprise initiatives.