CMS Made Simple 2.1.3 Released

A new release of CMS Made Simple (CMSMS) has hit the web. This is a maintenance and security release for the 2.x series of CMS Made Simple and comprises of a number of fixes.

Some of the items fixed in this release include:

  • Implement the HTTP_HOST fixes and parameter cleaning fixes introduced in 1.12.2
  • Fix for endless loops caused when calculating page alias in some utf-8 environments (Some WAMP environments)
  • Fixes and improvements to the distributed .htaccess file(s)
    • Our distributed sample doc/htaccess.txt has more security improvements
    • We no longer distribute .htaccess files in subdirectories
  • Fixes a problem with the system verification code
  • Optimize the LoadContentFromId() method to be typesafe, and more efficient
  • Fixes to the Uninstall/Re-install of Navigator
  • Fix News so that no errors are returned if no results match the specified filter.
  • Fixes to the installation assistant with relation to PHP7, and improve the README files.
  • Minor fix to FileManager when moving a folder.

For those interested in additional information, visit CMS Made Simple