CMS Critic does Movember (and you can get a free link from us!)

I don't normally push a lot of causes on this site but since prostate cancer has affected my family in the past, I thought it was an important cause to get behind this year.

As a result, I'm going to be participating in looking ridiculous for  Movember this year in order to help raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's health. I think it's a worthy cause to support and I'd really appreciate your help in making this a successful campaign.

For those of you who are unaware of what Movember is, it's where men start growing full mustaches in November (starting with a clean shave November 1) in order to raise funds to help support men's health (and specific issues like prostate cancer).

So. If you want to see how ridiculous I look with a full blown mustache (and believe me, I can grow it very quickly) then share this post, donate to using my link (any amount helps) : and I will continue to post not only pictures but updates on the progress of the mustache in all its glory.

Thanks in advance to all of you awesome readers, I know I can count on your support.

To push things even further, in exchange for every donation, I will publish a personal thank you post on CMS Critic (and our Twitter and Facebook) thanking you and linking to your website.

(My way of saying thanks) (minimum $30 donation for this). This is a permanent link in a post from an extremely powerful authority website, something that most people would kill for.

(no gambling or inappropriate websites allowed, we reserve the right to refuse sites of an inappropriate or illegal nature)

Drop me an email when you've contributed so I can thank you and include your website URL. You can email

Donate here: