Cascade Server Now Comes Standard with an Editorial Calendar Tool

If you’re in the market for a CMS, you are probably looking for a better way to organize your web content. Beyond managing the assets themselves, have you ever thought about using an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar is the perfect way to automatically manage your content schedule. Unlike spreadsheets, where you have to keep track of assignments manually, an editorial calendar allows you to automate several tasks at once. You can work simultaneously with other users, unlike in a manual spreadsheet where it’s difficult to keep track of changes made by other people. It’s imperative to stay informed when a change is made, or when something needs to be finished or published, and using an editorial calendar that is automated can help keep you ahead of your deadlines.

An editorial calendar may be in your best interest if you find it difficult to keep track of users’ changes, send reminders to contributors, visualize your content, or plan for the future.

Cascade Server, an innovative enterprise content management system, comes standard with an automated editorial calendar, which can help with planning, organizing, assigning, and analyzing content for your website, blog, whitepapers and other collateral. It allows for automated email notifications and reminders to be sent to you when something needs to be created or when content needs to be published. If an assignment is “In Progress”, the assigned contributor will receive reminder notifications to finish working on this assignment.

You can filter certain content to customize your view, such as looking at content that is only assigned to you or just a particular content type. Anyone with management access to the calendar can easily add an item to the calendar, including the title of the piece, the publish date, the due date, notes for the author, and an assigned author for the piece.

Let us show you how the calendar can save you and your team time:


The editorial calendar tool makes it so that managers, editors, and contributors can easily and collectively add and manage content assignments and due dates for your site. It’s free for Cascade Server CMS clients, and you can try it for free for TWO weeks! Sign up to try it for free today! No credit card information required.