Building Landing Pages with Google Sheets

By Mark Michael December 19, 2017 Articles and Editorials

Now digital marketers can build landing pages with Google Sheets. In case you did not know - Google Sheets is part of Google Drive - Google’s productivity/ collaboration suite of products. Google Sheets is a very powerful alternative to Excel that lets you create spreadsheets online for easy sharing, collaborating, and updating by your entire team.

Starting off with a landing page template - each element of the layout can be tied back to fields within Google Sheets. The ability to create the next landing page variation is a simple copy and paste of a row.

Here is how to get started using Google Sheets to create Landing Pages:

  1. Authorize access to your Spreadsheet to RallyMind

  2. Map the fields within your spreadsheet to the RallyMind API fields. Some example fields available to sync can be Landing Page URLs, Address Details, Call Tracking, Google Tag Manager IDs, Custom Fields, and More.

  3. After this is set up, the RallyMind system takes over. RallyMind monitors for changes to your sheets and updates existing or creates new landing pages in real-time. Every landing page that is created on RallyMind is auto-tagged with event tracking tied to all the actions a visitor could take.

All landing pages are fully integrated with Google Analytics right out of the gate, and can be used to easily facilitate click and call tracking. No more manual imports and exports. Using Google Sheets to build each new landing page allows you to push and pull information dynamically and populate directly into the specific landing page - including setting the URL path - allowing you to get campaigns live in real-time.

Note about Google Landing Page content relevance - Well, officially, Google considers the overall landing page experience, but relevance is a big part of that. Landing pages are foundational of any SEO, PPC or E-mail marketing campaign. Most marketers fail to understand the importance of landing pages at scale. Companies invest so much into driving traffic but do not know how to take these visitors and turn them into qualified leads. This is where landing pages comes into the picture - learn more about using Google Sheets to create Landing Pages.

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