Bolt - A Brand New Social Network for Saving Web Pages Forever

I will be the first to admit that I do not have the best recall. If I do not somehow capture what is inspiring me at that moment, odds are it will be forgotten and lost forever. allows you to keep whatever inspires you on the web, forever! Here is a quick review of this service. it and its Yours … for Good

Save photos you find across the web or just save the whole page. Makes it easy to save and share what you like on the web. We have seen similar services before and sharing web pages and photos is not new. Where is unique is that when you save the photo or you save that website it is yours forever. They actually make a copy of the whole page and thus eliminating broken links. boasts that you can save anything you find on the web forever.


The act of “bolting” stuff you find on the web is quite simple. give you several ways to save what you find on the web, add a comment, and assign a picture:

  1. Chrome extension Just browse to a page you want to “” and click on the icon in Chrome's toolbar.
  2. Bookmarklet similar action as the Chrome extension for other browsers.
  3. Email to or
  4. Use the plus sign at
  5. Use method

Creating “bolts” is easy enough what about sharing? You can share individual bolts or an entire collection using the “share” links provided. Others can follow all of your bolts or just a collection. Commenting is also allowed on bolts which makes collaboration fast and simple.

Why would I use this?

Lack of consistent recall aside, I can think of at least a couple of reasons this service could be useful.

  • Saving the site's look at that moment.
    • Most web pages are dynamic and therefore change often. If you want to share a snapshot of the way a site looks at the moment, this would fill that need.
  • Web Design Portfolio
    • Make a collection of your website designs across the web and easily share them with clients. Perhaps before the owners of these sites made design changes after you handed them the finished product.

For more information and to try it out yourself visit