BlueConic boosts cross channel engagement through social and mobile channels

GX Software, global provider of Online Marketing Software, announces the general availability of new cross channel social and mobile capabilities within BlueConic: customer-driven online engagement.

This latest release unleashes the full potential of BlueConic allowing online marketers to engage in an immense number of individual dialogues through social and mobile channels in order to increase engagement and customer lifetime value.

BlueConic uses all existing web channels, like corporate sites, e-commerce sites, blogs, forums, self service portals and campaign sites, to learn from and interact with individual visitors and to deliver a unified experience in order to increase customer engagement through these same channels.

The latest BlueConic release now also supports social channels like Facebook and Twitter, one-on-one e-mail communication and mobile apps and devices like the iPhone and iPad. These unsurpassed cross channel capabilities allow marketers to easily start individual dialogues in one channel and continue them in another. Interacting through more channels including social and mobile means more cross channel dialogues and therefore more coordinated engagement opportunities.

Hundreds of millions of individuals

Adding social and mobile channels to customer-driven online engagement tremendously increases the number of individual contact moments and dialogues that are possible. “BlueConic is designed to interact with hundreds of millions of individuals through any existing or future channel and allows enterprises for the first time in their history to gather in real time valuable customer knowledge and insights in order to start individual cross channel dialogues with their prospective or existing customers”, according to Martijn van Berkum, CTO at GX Software. “It is the only enterprise solution with the individual customer in mind bringing real-time and cross channel communication together in a single central marketing environment”.

Since the introduction of BlueConic, major brands in the Financial Services, Broadcasting, Leisure and Media-Publishing industry have adopted BlueConic as a strategic marketing platform for cross channel engagement.

BlueConic’s latest release also includes:

Best real-time customer insights
To understand the individual customer’s needs and deliver relevant, one-on-one dialogues, BlueConic has outstanding progressive profiling capabilities that automatically compose a unified personal profile across all channels.

Most compelling individual dialogues
To achieve a compelling individual experience, relevant, cross channel interactions are orchestrated and delivered at the right moment in the right context. A rich set of interactions come standard with BlueConic.

Superb online marketing performance overview
The interactive online marketing cockpit allows marketers to exactly understand what the best performing campaigns, customer segments, brands and dialogues are. This information can be used to optimize existing and start new customer interactions in real-time.

Global marketing organization support
BlueConic supports individual customer dialogues in all languages and includes regional settings for time zones, currency and date and time annotations. For larger enterprises working with international marketing teams around the globe, BlueConic allows individual marketers to work in their preferred local interface.

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