Bloomreach and Exponea Announce Strategic Partnership to Energize Digital Commerce Experiences

Bloomreach, a leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP), and Exponea, the Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP), have announced a strategic alliance to offer more enhanced digital commerce experiences to the market.

The partnership will provide their joint clients with a more personalized and sophisticated e-commerce solution, combining Bloomreach’s rich catalog of DXP capabilities with Exponea’s customer-centric approach to unifying data.

Partly driving the move is Amazon’s market dominance in the e-commerce and digital retail space. While brands struggle to compete around rapid distribution and free shipping – key attributes to Amazon’s success during the COVID-19 pandemic – they often miss the mark with customer experience. This is where Amazon excels, and where Bloomreach and Exponea plan to focus their offerings.

By combining their unique capabilities, the two companies plan to help brands and retailers create more relevant and personalized experiences based on data and insights. Their innovative catalog of capabilities will help customers to increase retention, drive repeat purchases, recommend relevant products, and increase customer satisfaction.

A partnership built for digital commerce experiences

Both Bloomreach and Exponea have experienced significant growth as a result of the recent surge in digital commerce worldwide, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. While both vendors maintain solid reputations in the market, this partnership represents an innovation “sweet spot,” leveraging their strengths to offer a more complete solution.

Bloomreach is on a mission to arm enterprises with a superior weapon in their battle against the Amazons of the e-commerce world. In 2018, they launched their DXP for Commerce to offer highly relevant and personalized digital experiences. Today, their Bloomreach Experience Platform (brX) drives over $200 billion in digital commerce experiences across many of the world’s largest online retailers, brands, distributors, and B2B manufacturers – representing 25% of retail e-commerce in the U.S. and U.K.

Exponea – which was named a “Cool Vendor” in multichannel marketing in 2020 by Gartner – collects and unifies data from all customer touchpoints. They enrich customer data through AI, providing insights to deliver personalized campaigns to individual targets through preferred channels. Exponea processes more than 2 billion customer profile updates every day on behalf of leading retailers and brands, enabling marketers to leverage over 250 billion behavioral events in real-time to orchestrate powerful 1:1 marketing.

This partnership will amplify both Exponea and Bloomreach’s unique capabilities to drive consistent and laser-targeted customer experiences across marketing and commerce. Combining together Exponea’s customer-centric view with Bloomreach’s catalogue-centric view will enable our joint customers to have the most sophisticated e-commerce experience possible.

- Peter Irikovský, CEO of Exponea

The alliance comes at a time when leading vendors across the digital stack are making big moves to compete more effectively in a crowded, fragmented landscape. As more organizations pivot to online – specifically in the retail sector – demand for rapid, end-to-end solutions is increasing by the day. By aligning their capabilities, Bloomreach and Exponea can fast-track a more effective response to shifting market conditions and challenge the e-commerce space.

"We've long been on a mission to power exceptional commerce experiences – from search to content, to leveraging our commerce-specific data and AI to drive personalization,” said Bloomreach CEO and co-founder Raj De Datta. “We chose to partner with Exponea for their impressive customer data analytics capabilities, omnichannel campaign execution, and their strong and trusted relationships with our joint customers. Having looked at this closely, we believe they are the clear global leader in driving high performing marketing and customer communications, and the synergies we can drive across our platforms are very meaningful for our customers.”

“Bloomreach is best-in-class when it comes to the search and commerce experience,” added Peter Irikovsky, CEO of Exponea. “We’ve been impressed by their robust platform and the company’s sophisticated B2B and B2C customer base for quite some time. The combination of our strengths will enhance the personalized customer experience for our joint clients with the most innovative, fast, and impactful solutions in the market.”

About Bloomreach

Bloomreach is digital experience enhancement platform that enables highly personalized digital experiences for retailers, banks, distributors, manufacturers, public service agencies and other enterprises. Its flagship product, brX, is a digital experience platform built specifically for brands, retailers, and B2B companies who want to grow their revenue online while delivering each of their customers a premium, personalized commerce experience. brX combines content management capabilities with market-leading commerce-specific, AI-driven search, merchandising, and personalization in one flexible, API-first next-generation platform. Bloomreach serves over 500 global brands including Albertsons, Staples, Bosch, Puma, FC Bayern München, and Marks & Spencer.

About Exponea

Exponea is a Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP) that collects and unifies data from all customer touchpoints into a unified Single Customer View and utilizes this data to help e-commerce businesses to convert and retain customers by acting on customer signals with the right message at the perfect time through the preferred channel. Built from the ground up (i.e. no acquisitions) for retail and e-commerce, Exponea collects and unifies data from all customer touchpoints to give businesses the insights and action opportunities they need to execute campaigns that deliver real results.