BlackMonk 3.3 Released with Inline Editor for Rich Static Pages

BlackMonk CMS have this week released the latest version of their platform which enables users to build a range of different portal types.

Such portals can be in the form of online newspapers, magazine sites, business directories, city portals and community portals – all of which can be powered by BlackMonk.

With version 3.3, an inline editor has been introduced for rich static pages, along with business directory updates and the addition of Stripe as a payment gateway.

Let's now take a look at what's new with BlackMonk.

Snazzy Rich Static Pages & Cover Images

In my BlackMonk CMS review, one of my criticisms of the platform was regarding the lack of editing and design options for BlackMonk's static pages. These include common and important websites pages like the “About” page. 

Impressively, BlackMonk quickly reacted with the release of version 3.2, and have now completed their static page editing enhancements with version 3.3. Now, those same static pages can be designed freely with an inline editor.

BlackMonk have put together an informative video to showcase the feature:

The inline editor enables you to edit and format text as well as add things like cover images and videos. Unlike the conventional WYSIWYG editor where content is edited within a small text area, the inline editor gives the experience of editing a live web page. This allows you to view the page as visitors would see it, even as you edit.

Also, as well as cover images being an option for static pages, they can no also be inserted into other content pages, like business directories or upcoming event pages.

BlackMonk Cover Images

Improved Business Directory & Stripe Payments

BlackMonk 3.3 also brings about changes to the business directory app, which allows publishers and advertisers to create extensive business listings, complete with photo gallery and product catalog.

The app now benefits from the addition of photo and review widget, appearing on the index page of the directory. The widget displays recent photos and reviews, giving users instant access to updated listings and consumer opinion.

User's ability to charge fees for things such as sponsored articles, business directory subscription, event sponsoring and so forth, have also been enhanced.  Publishers who prefer to use the Stripe payment gateway now have the option to automate payments for business directory subscriptions. In previous BlackMonk versions, automated subscription payment option was only available for PayPal payment gateway.

To find out more about BlackMonk CMS, check out their official website.