Australian Web CMS firm revolutionizes CMS experience with new Product Release

Elcom, One of Australia’s largest independently owned Web Developers, today announced the latest release of CommunityManager.NET (Version7.3) – its flagship enterprise Web Content Management software.

CommunityManager.NET is utilized by over 500 organizations worldwide, and provides a secure and scalable framework which supports websites, intranets, ecommerce platforms, membership systems, mobile platforms and online training capabilities.

Underpinning this latest version of CommunityManager.NET is a variety of updates and additional new features, designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs through an improved user-experience for clients and end-users. At the core of this latest release is the addition of A/B testing to Elcom’s existing Online Marketing offering.

According to Elcom’s Product Director, Anthony Milner, “This new feature was developed in response to industry trends and by really listening to what our clients wanted”. It allows users to test a baseline control sample webpage and compare it to a variety of single-variable test samples, in order to better evaluate and improve response rates. This ultimately enables the execution of “smarter marketing” through testing, evaluation, better resource allocation and enhanced tracking ability – thereby significantly improving Return on Investment.
Another significant advancement to Version 7.3 of CommunityManager.NET is a strategic partnership between Elcom and Ephox, allowing Ehpox’s EditLive to be seamlessly integrated with CommunityManager.NET.

Speaking on the end result of this collaboration, Milner stated “…users will be truly impressed with its functionality, and specifically the way it cleans and presents semantic HTML code even with cut/pastes from external sources, image cropping, track changes, commenting and accessibility checking as you type. This even extends to advanced table management, whereby it can handle splits, resizes, merged cells, define header rows Vs data rows and table summaries for accessibility – and it never skips a beat while doing all this magic”

Building on Elcom’s focus in the user- experience area, comes the addition of RSS Curation to this latest release. This new feature allows a user to monitor an RSS feed and import content which matches a specified set of criteria, allowing auto creation of articles and auto tagging. “…providing users with the ability to personalize their content with the information that interests them, is definitely a big step towards enhancing our clients and their customer’s online experiences”, stated Milner.

Elcom is an exciting Australian Company which has just entered the North American Market. It continues to drive product innovation within the enterprise Web Content Management sector, through the pursuit of an aggressive release schedule involving quarterly updates. The company is confident in its technology and is focused on constantly growing its customer base and market presence – both locally and internationally

About Elcom

Founded by John Anstey in 1996, Elcom Technology Inc. (Elcom) is a globally recognized enterprise web content management developer assisting mid-market organizations achieve their online objectives for corporate websites, intranets, ecommerce and training through one powerfully simple, secure platform: the CommunityManager.NET.

For more information about Version 7.3 of CommunityManager.NET and Elcom’s suite of web application products please visit