Atlassian chooses Magnolia CMS for groundbreaking product training website

Atlassian, an award-winning developer of software development and collaboration tools including JIRA and Confluence, has chosen Magnolia CMS to build ‘Atlassian University’, a state-of-the-art product training site, as well as a new corporate site.

After developing their own proof of concept, Atlassian selected Magnolia CMS, a Java-based open source content management system.

“Our company had grown, but our website had hit a wall,” said Jay Simons, Atlassian Marketing VP. “We were managing content using JSP pages and SVN, which was incredibly time-consuming as every change needed to be funneled through a small team of web developers. As our product portfolio and geographic reach expanded significantly, we needed to step up to a very robust, enterprise-class CMS, that would be able to integrate with our planned websites, while making it easier for our marketing staff to create and edit content themselves.”

Atlassian’s Simons describes Magnolia’s advantages:

“We have extensive in-house skills for working with Java, so it made sense for us to go with a solution built on a technology stack with which we’re familiar, save time and benefit from its proven standards. Magnolia CMS is extremely flexible, enabling us to rapidly create ‘self-service’ pages for content creators. We now have a robust content creation, validation, localization, and publication workflow.”

With Atlassian’s rapid growth and expansion into European markets, the company needed to make the process of publishing content in multiple languages quicker and easier.

“Everyone wants a CMS to be simple, but this means different things to different users in an organization,” said Boris Kraft, President of Magnolia Americas. “Atlassian is a perfect example – their skilled web development team needs the ability to achieve complex integrations but wants the simplicity of using a proven Java technology stack that they know well. Their business users want the ability to create customized web content themselves but without the headache of dealing with complex interfaces. It’s great that Atlassian can meet both needs with Magnolia.”

About Magnolia CMS
Magnolia’s open source content management system delivers simplicity on an enterprise scale. Its outstanding combination of ease-of-use with a flexible, standards-based Java architecture has led to its adoption by enterprises and governments throughout the world, including ING, the U.S. Navy,, Johnson & Johnson, Lloyds TSB, Sony, Unilever, and the U.S. Department of Defense. To find out more about Magnolia, including support, training, and our international network of qualified partners, please visit