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Amplitude, a digital optimization platform trusted by leading brands like Ford and Walmart, today announced the launch of two new tools: Experiment Results, a new feature of Amplitude Experiment, and new innovations within the Amplitude Analytics suite – including Campaign Reporting. These new tools will enhance Amplitude's insights around digital optimization and growth performance. 

We've been following Amplitude's rise across market segments for quite some time, and it continues to challenge the staple offerings with its rich mix of analytics features. Companies are finding significant value in Amplitude's behavioral insights, which help organizations to devise new strategies for improving user engagement, retention, and revenue. With the addition of these new tools, Amplitude seems poised to elevate its value for product and marketing teams – and give competitive platforms a run for their money. 

Accelerating and streamlining A/B testing with Experiment Results

A/B testing has become a powerful resource for understanding how the market is reacting to products and services. With the right insights into customer behavior and sentiment, organizations can optimize content, pricing, and other dimensions of their offerings to enhance conversions and sales. 

OK... so what's the downside?

The fact is (and we can corroborate this), most testing solutions and processes are incredibly time-consuming. Further, many conventional platforms focus on "vanity metrics" that don't fully reveal whether customers are happy with a product, service, or experience. According to Amplitude, Experiment Results will accelerate and streamline experimentation, empowering companies to make more informed product decisions, accelerate innovation, and drive business outcomes. 

Experiment Results allows teams to plan, track, and analyze experiments to make smarter decisions while using their existing feature flagging system. Product and data science teams can now dramatically scale experimentation with Amplitude's powerful self-service experimentation analysis – all built on the industry's #1 product analytics solution. Amplitude says that Experiment Results will deliver the right data and analytics for teams to set goals, determine if experiments reach a required level of statistical significance, and automatically provide recommended next steps.

Experiment Results - T-test ResultsExperiment Results - T-Test Results

The top product teams test all new features – often running tens of thousands of experiments to understand the impact of each product change. The biggest barrier to scaling product experimentation is having data and analytics to analyze the results of experiments. Many companies already have infrastructure to deliver new experiments, but rely heavily on data science teams and homegrown infrastructures to formulate the results and provide recommendations on what to do next.

Experiment Results effectively removes those bottlenecks with self-service experimentation – so more teams can run more experiments quickly and efficiently. Starting today, companies can pair their existing feature flagging infrastructure with Amplitude's sophisticated experimentation analysis capabilities to inform product decisions, accelerate innovation, and drive revenue.  

"Winning product leaders use data-driven insights to determine what product changes to make. With Experiment Results, customers can exponentially increase the number of experiments they run, and get recommended next steps on their experiments," said Justin Bauer, SVP of product at Amplitude. "This means non-technical teams can make smarter decisions faster at scale and ultimately deliver the right features that drive value for their customers and growth for their organizations." 

Key innovations from the company's announcement include:

  • Multi-Metric Causal Analysis: Experiment Results helps teams determine the causal, statistically significant outcomes of experiments – like identifying if users increased their average order spend due to the product change. It reduces the effort to define metrics, analyze data, and present results, supporting both sequential testing and t-test analysis within the Amplitude Experiment product.
  • Downstream Analysis for Experiments: With predefined metrics and pre-populated charts, Experiment Results moves teams from experimentation to decision-making stages faster. Amplitude's easy-to-understand dashboards enable cross-functional leaders to quickly share experiment results for accessible downstream analysis.
  • Automated Goals and Recommendations: Experiment Results also guides users to set the right goals, automatically uncovers whether tests are statistically significant, and provides recommended next steps in a quick snapshot.  

Experiment Results - Create MetricExperiment Results - Create Metric

Experiment Results - Dashboad DistributionExperiment Results - Dashboard Distribution

Campaign Reporting, Metrics, and Data Tables in Amplitude Analytics 

With Amplitude Analytics — Amplitude’s #1 ranked product analytics solution — marketing and product teams can measure campaign and channel performance alongside downstream product metrics like user engagement and retention. Now, with the addition of Campaign Reporting, those same teams will have unprecedented visibility into metrics across the entire funnel, all in a single system.

Additional new features in Amplitude Analytics include outcome-focused Metrics and Data Tables. These enhancements will empower teams to discover how their marketing programs and product usage meaningfully affect key business outcomes such as sales and revenue. Together, these tools enable cross-functional teams to quickly close the insights-to-action loop and make better business decisions.

Traditionally, there’s been a disconnect between product and campaign data. Organizations leverage product analytics for visibility into customer behaviors and product changes, but struggle to connect marketing performance metrics like attributing user growth to specific channels. For the first time, Amplitude is bringing both marketing and product teams together in a single system to understand how their investments drive growth.

Key innovations in Amplitude Analytics include:

  • Campaign Reporting: With Amplitude’s new Campaign Reporting capabilities, businesses can see which acquisition channels users are coming from across organic and paid sources, understand how marketing programs impact product KPIs using built-in attribution modeling, and understand cross-channel return on ad investments with brand new integrations into their advertising data platforms. 
  • Metrics: With new outcome-based Metrics from Amplitude, product and marketing teams can quickly create a standard set of metrics that make it easy to connect behaviors with outcomes such as sales or revenue. Teams can now align around common definitions for the metrics that matter most to their business and make faster decisions with trusted insights. 
  • Tables: With new Data Tables, customers can measure multiple KPIs in a single view in order to compare and make decisions about their business. Data tables allow for more flexible reporting so marketing and product can have a side-by-side analysis of metrics across the entire customer journey.

“Traditionally, marketing, product, and analytics teams have all relied on separate tools to do their jobs, but today, this siloed approach is no longer effective as organizations seek to understand how every decision and action impacts their most important metrics,” said Justin Bauer, Chief Product Officer at Amplitude. “With these customer needs in mind, we’re doubling down on digital analytics and investing in new tools that will provide holistic product insights faster. The introduction of campaign reporting, outcome metrics, and data tables make it easier for teams to consolidate their analytics solutions while expanding the types of metrics they can track across the end-to-end customer journey.”

You can learn more about Amplitude Analytics here or watch a demo. If you're interested, Amplitude is currently hosting Amplify 2022, its product and growth conference, through May 26, 2022. You can live stream, follow on Twitter, and read the Amplitude blog for more updates. 

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