Alterian Content Manager v7 launch puts Web Content Management at the hub of online customer engagement

Alterian (LSE:ALN), the leader in customer engagement technology and solutions, today announced the launch of a new version of its flagship Alterian Content Manager (ACM) web content management system.

With the launch of ACM v7, available in a Professional and Enterprise edition, Alterian brings a product to market that offers market leading innovations in web content management, uniquely combined with a centralised control and reuse of creative assets for email and social media campaigns. As a result ACM v7 acts as a central hub for customer engagement through a user interface that is supported by insightful social media analytics driven by Alterian SM2, and advanced web analytics capabilities utilising Alterian’s WebJourney solution.

David Eldridge, CEO, Alterian says of the latest improvements, “The web is a fundamental part of how customers view and engage with an organization and it is critical that this is successful in its own right, and as part of a broader digital engagement strategy. The latest version of Alterian’s Content Manager is an efficient way for our customers to focus on intelligent engagement with their clients, through an integrated and tailored approach that harnesses the combined power of web content management, email, social media monitoring and web analytics to drive traffic and brand awareness.”

Some of the ACM v7 improvements and new features include:

  • A fully rebranded user interface that takes “ease of use” for content contributors to the next level;
  • A new extensible workflow engine that enables easy interaction with external systems and processes;
  • Sophisticated Microsoft Office integration allowing full interaction with the system through Word and Outlook, supporting both offline and online content authoring, signoffs and content previewing;
  • Migration of all administrative features into the ACM v7 Smart Client desktop application;
  • Extensibility of both the Web Client (browser based) and Smart Client (desktop application) user interfaces, allowing partners and clients to extend ACM to include bespoke-built or 3rd party functionality.
  • Built-in web analytics capabilities designed to optimize web page performance, based on Alterian’s WebJourney technology
  • A new Email Manager module designed to drive email campaigns directly out of ACM, reusing digital assets managed in ACM

ACM v7 at the hub of your Social Media initiatives

Alterian’s new Social Media Publisher, an add-on module to ACM v7, also enables organizations to re-use content that sits inside Alterian Content Manager across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr, with the goal of driving social traffic back to the website. Organisations invest heavily in creative assets so being able to re-use these assets for social media channels represents a tremendous opportunity.

Through tight integration with SM2 – Alterian’s social media monitoring tool – ACM v7 allows organisations to track exactly what responses have been posted as a result of messages sent out through Social Media Publisher. Closing this loop in real-time allows organizations to track instant successes or failures of their social media initiatives.

Scott Liewehr of Outsell’s Gilbane Group, who is a senior consultant in the Web Content Management practice, comments, “The integrated reporting and analysis capabilities of ACM’s Social Media Publisher provide valuable and immediate insight into active online communities and how they react to brand communications. This is crucial in helping brands create more relevant messages and improve SEO strategies, to ensure they reach the right audience, with the right message.”

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