Agility CMS August 2011 Release is Live

Another month goes by and BOOM. Just like that, the summer is halfway gone. During this time our developers have been busy working in the latest Agility Release. We've got a killer feature lined up for you, and a few other things designed to spice up your summer publishing experience.

The latest release includes several highly requested items from both clients and partners, Digital Channels, New Development Bar, and new Dialogs and Structures for future features.

Within the items that were added or fixed are:

• 5 different kinds of channels: Website, Mobile Website, Mobile App, Facebook Page and Content API.
• Login page now prepopulated the email address when opened directly from a sample site welcome email.
• Style rules from the “Other Editor Style Sheets” are now readded to the CSS.
• The preview bar now refreshes the page and switches out of preview mode, without forcing the window closed.
• Fixed the Dynamic Page Friendly URLs to handle special characters with accents.
• Pagination missing from the moderation view in UGC
• Fixed issues when a UGC definition has more than 20 fields.
• Fixed Javascript errors when adding a custom section to a UGC definition
• The spacing and timestamps in the UGC Alert emails have been corrected.
• Image size restriction validation is corrected in a few select scenarios.
• Language Dropdown binding issues in Dynamic Page Content listing dialog.
• Language dropdown was not being populated and was not visible properly in the Shared Content and Dynamic Page Content tabs in the Digital Content area.
• Agility.Web upgrades can no longer be triggered when the site is in Development Mode.
• Redesigned the upgrade in progress dialog UI.
• Site updating message has been cleaned up.
• Updated the developer bar to be more streamlined as well as resize to mobile browser sizes for both tablets and phones.
• When editing users in the global security section, the Content Moderation tab now has checkboxes to select multiple items.
• Cleanup of the UI on the publish list dialog.
• The image manager now updates the thumbnail in the manager right after you upload your file, it doesn't wait for a save action like previously.
• Publish list dialog confirmation update.
• Added a link to the tutorial for the URL Redirections beside the HTTP Code in the add URL Redirection dialog.
• Added a double prompt to deleting Shared or Dynamic Content.
• Constant across all Languages and Unique in Each Language are now separate values and can be used separately or at the same time.
• BrightCove submissions that are submitted with ” or ! in the name or description are now sent properly and processed by BrightCove.
• Shared Content version history had errors opening in IE8.
• js, css, and txt files are now gzipped and have the appropriate content-encoding set for Amazon S3.

“We have considered our clients and partners feedback and have launched a release that touch Agility in many different areas and make development easy and faster”, said Jonathan Voigt, Agility CMS Co-Founder, CTO.

About Agility
Agility is a cloud-based content management system for managing internally produced and user generated content across web, mobile and social media. Agility is designed to be easy for developers, editors, designers and marketers. It integrates with best-of-breed solutions for video management, ad serving, search, analytics, email marketing and more. Their Perfect Fit Guarantee ensures that you will be satisfied with your CMS implementation, or the license fees are free. You can implement Agility internally, or work with their implementation partners. Agility powers sites for Uncle Ben’s, Campbell’s, Subaru, Whiskas, Cineplex, CTV and Shoppers Drug Mart.