CRM for Mobile: The Agile CRM App Goes Live

agile crm app

Agile CRM has just released their mobile app for iOS (beta) and Android, making it possible for their users to access their free CRM on the go.

The Agile CRM team recently announced that their platform was now free for up to ten users, so their new app should come in very handy for small businesses and startups who work from the road.

The relatively young platform is winning users from around the world.

CRM for Mobile: How Agile Are Making it Work

Agile CRM's mobile app for iOS and Android is a powerful tool that helps marketers and salespeople acquire, retain, and service customers.

agile crm app

Here's a breakdown of the core features found within the app.

A Simple Dashboard

The Agile CRM mobile app dashboard gives you quick access to recently viewed contacts, deals and upcoming tasks.

Agile's streamlined mobile dashboard helps you increase sales and track, tag and convert more leads. You can also change your app settings from the dashboard.

Manage Contacts

The app also lets you access contact data exactly when you need it.

You can add tags, change lead scores, write notes and check tasks related to your contacts, directly from your mobile device.

Track Deals, Events, and Tasks

The app can also be used to track deals, move relevant milestones, and get a real-time picture of the progress of your leads.

You can also check pending tasks, mark tasks as complete, and create new tasks and events for colleagues to see.

Google Calendar Sync

Agile CRM’s app can be integrated with Google calendars to create a seamless 2-way sync. This enables you and your team to view up-to-date versions of all of your tasks from the calendar within the app.

All in all, this seems like a pretty comprehensive mobile version of Agile CRM, and since it comes at zero cost, it's hard to fault it. It's especially nice to see now that Agile CRM is free for teams as large as ten.

To find out more about the Agile CRM app, visit their website. You can download it now for Android, but you'll need to wait a short while before it's out of beta on iOS.