Adobe Summit 2013 – Day 2 Highlights

Day 2 of the Adobe Summit kicked off with the General sessions in which John Mellor, VP of Strategy for Digital Marketing was greeted on stage by the crazy space jumper, (and I say crazy because you have to be crazy to jump from space.. ) Felix Baumgartner (@itsFelixB),

Felix Baumgartner during Day 2 General Sessions Felix Baumgartner with John Mellor during Day 2 General Sessions

Felix Baumgartner during Day 2 General Sessions Felix Baumgartner during Day 2 General Sessions

It was an interesting session in which Mr. Baumgartner shared what he had to go through in order to pull off such a high profile event. It was especially interesting listening to his marketing mind and how it works. He is very appreciate of all of the hard work that the various team members put into making his jump happen. Mr. Baumgartner definitely did an amazing job of marketing himself for this jump and as a result, had a staggering amount of views on YouTube and broke the record for most live views.

Following Felix were representatives from Nascar and NBC Universal. They certainly had a tough act to follow with Felix taking the lead out of the gate but did an admirable job. You can catch a bit of what they said in our Twitter stream below.

The closing talk was given by Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, a Not-for-profit organization aiming to provide free education to everyone, everywhere. I must admit, I didn't know what to expect from his talk but I would be surprised if there was anyone in the audience who wasn't completely engaged throughout his entire talk. Not only is this man an amazing inspiration, but his humor and humility easily stole the show.

Salman Khan - Khan Academy Salman Khan – Khan Academy

I will admit that there were a number of times during his talk when both my wife and I became choked up listening to how he has changed the lives of people who thought they were never going to succeed. He's an amazing man and you can tell from the Twitter stream below, I'm not the only one who was blown away. I feel privileged that I was able to hear his story.

For those who missed our tweets during the opening session, here’s a breakdown of the key items we, and some others, shared. Thanks for reading!