Adobe Post: Adobe Empowers Marketers With Free Social Graphic App

Adobe has enhanced its marketing offering by releasing a totally free iOS app aimed at streamlining the creation of social graphics. They've called it, “Adobe Post“.

The app provides images and templates for marketers to “remix” and modify. That includes applying filters, adding text and experimenting with color combinations. It's ideal for designing promotional images for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Although this isn't a direct addition to Adobe's Marketing Cloud. it will be a substantial enhancement to any marketing team looking to bolster their efforts on social media.

Here's a video to help you get to grips with Adobe Post.

Streamlining Social Graphic Creation

The Adobe Post home screen presents a range of templates made for social sharing, all of which are ready to be re-purposed. Adobe has promised to update existing designs, to keep things fresh.

Design Filters are a core feature of the app, acting as a combination of photo filter, typography, layout and colors; all of which come together to transform your current design into a new one in a single tap.

Furthermore, Adobe Post automatically suggests optimized color combinations. It extracts colors from your chosen background image and suggests variations that will look complimentary.

Adobe underlined the market which they're targeting with the release of this app via their blog announcement:

“This past year, we’ve been talking to many small businesses, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs and the message is clear: consumers need a simple app to create professional looking graphics so they can better engage with their social media followers.

…We crafted and tailored Adobe Post so that anyone can stand out and communicate with impact.”

I've already downloaded Adobe Post, and after some tinkering, I can confirm that it's pretty awesome. It allows even a one-man-band project to push out a professionally designed and totally customized social graphic within seconds.

It's going to help close the gap between the smallest and largest brands on social media platforms like Instagram, that's for sure.

For now, it seems only iOS users can reap the benefits of Adobe Post, although I doubt it will be too long before Android users get the same treatment.

The free app is available now in the Apple store. To find out more, check out the Adobe blog.