Adobe kicks off the Digital Marketing Summit in Style

Held at the Salt Lake Palace Convention Center, the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit has grown into one of the largest summits on digital marketing in the world. Clearly, Adobe knows how to market themselves and was all about letting everyone know where to go in Salt Lake City…

Adobe Logo on the Convention Center

This year's summit boasts over 4,000 attendees, which is a pretty remarkable turnout. To give you an idea as to the size of this event, check out this picture of the crowd exiting one of the general sessions:

Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2012 boasts huge attendance

The keynote kicked off  today and the General Session opened with an impressive show of lights, video and music. Opening the keynote was Senior Vice President & General Manager, Brad Rencher, who took us through the various announcements of the day and showcased some of the unique ways Adobe is helping to shape the world of marketing.

Brad Rencher's opening keynote.

Aptly named The Power of the Digital Self, his keynote was a great introduction into the new array of products Adobe is bringing to the table. Adobe CEO, Shantanu Narayen, joined Brad on stage to discuss Adobe's new products and shared with us some of his visions for the world of marketing.

"I'm a firm believer in the human mind. Technology is a help, not a replacement." - Shantanu Narayen

One of the products showcased was Adobe Social, (part of their Digital Marketing Suite) which combines social publishing and engagement with monitoring, social ad buying and analytics that can help marketers attribute social activities with results for their businesses.

Additionally, Adobe announced a number of new updates and functionality to their digital marketing suite such as:

  • New predictive marketing capabilities within their Digital Marketing Suite which allows marketers to uncover behavioral patterns in data which, in turn, allows them to sort through a huge amount of data and find /leverage it to predict future results.
  • Updates to their Web Experience Management solution, at the heart of which is CQ5.5, the company's web content management software. New functionality has been added to the system which allows for deeper integration with several other products in their digital marketing suite such as Scene7, Search&Promote and SiteCatalyst.

Here are some screenshots showcasing some of the new features they are bringing to the table:

As someone who is in the business of marketing and publishing content, I couldn't help but think of how incredibly far along the world of digital publishing has come. Adobe has really brought some game changing innovations to the table with these new products and it's going to be incredible to be able to watch the marketing landscape change. Their products bring an immense amount of power to the hands of CMO's around the globe and enable interaction with the customer in ways that I've not seen in any other products to date.

I'll be speaking with Kevin Cochrane of Adobe tomorrow in a one on one to get more details into how CQ5.5 will tie together with these amazing products and the advancements that it brings to the world of WCM, so stay tuned.

For those who were unable to attend, here are some additional pictures from the keynote:



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