Adobe kicks off Adobe Summit, their Digital Marketing Conference


Adobe today kicked off their annual Digital Marketing Conference, Adobe Summit. Each year, thousands of attendees ranging from digital marketers to senior leaders, descend on beautiful Salt Lake City for this one of a kind conference showcasing Adobe and their partner's amazing products and services. For anyone involved in marketing (and let's face it, we all are in some aspect) this is the place to be if you want to know what is coming down the innovation pipeline.

Adobe has long been the most innovative company, in my opinion, when it comes to digital marketing and the future of the industry and the announcements coming out of this summit are certainly a testament to that.

Adobe Summit brings together the best marketers and advertisers from all industries,” said Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager, Digital Marketing Business, Adobe. “At this year’s event we’ll explore why digital marketers are fast becoming strategic leaders within their organizations. We’ll also share how leading brands are using Adobe® Marketing Cloud to get from data to insight to action, faster and smarter than ever.”

Today's Announcements from Adobe:

A New Touch Interface for Adobe Marketing Cloud

This new UI allows marketers to work with and see how their campaigns are performing using touch capable devices such as tablets and smartphones. Adobe Marketing Cloud also now links with Adobe Creative Cloud, which is used to build and deliver campaigns. In addition, every solution within Adobe Marketing Cloud has been upgraded with new mobile marketing capabilities, including new mobile capabilities for analytics, advertising, social app development, targeting content on smartphones and tablets, and mobile content management and delivery.

Check out this video showcasing the platform in all its glory:


Adobe Social for Mobile Phones and Tablets

Adobe today upgraded Adobe Social, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, with a completely redesigned user interface focused on interpreting and presenting social data in a more digestible format that helps social marketers prove business results.  Adobe also debuted Adobe Social for mobile phones and tablets.  Social marketers now have a marketing tool that’s as mobile as they are.

Adobe CQ has been rebranded Adobe Experience Manager and it's Chock Full of New Features

Adobe CQ (winner of our Critic's Choice award for Best Enterprise CMS) has been rebranded as Adobe Experience Manager (a much more fitting name) and now comes with a new responsive design, social communities and new video capabilities thanks to integration with the Adobe Scene7 platform. In addition, Adobe today introduced a new Digital Asset Management offering within Adobe Experience Manager.

A New Standard Version of Adobe Media Optimizer

Adobe has announced a standard version of their Adobe Media Optimizer (a component of the Adobe Marketing Cloud). For those who are unaware, Media Optimizer is Adobe's digital advertising platform for campaigns across search, display and social media. This new edition offers a rules-based bidding solution that integrates seamlessly with Adobe Analytics and allows for improved performance of your search engine marketing campaigns. Designed for media buying agencies, search engine marketing firms and direct advertisers, this solution offers more control and transparency over campaigns at an economical price point.

In Addition to these announcements, Adobe has also introduced a host of new features to Adobe Marketing Cloud such as:

  • Adobe Marketing Cloud Cards
    • Using a share dialog feature, content or data in any Adobe Marketing Cloud solution can be turned into a sharable “card.” This collaboration feature also allows marketers to leave annotations and comments on cards, so that everybody working on the campaign is on the same page.
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud Feed
    • The feed is an aggregation of shared cards. It provides each marketer with an at-a-glance view of everything in Adobe Marketing Cloud that is relevant  to them. The feed helps marketers and their teams stay up to date.
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud Boards
    • Users can create a board to collect and curate cards.  Like cards, boards can be shared and commented on. Boards give a marketing team a common base for discussion and improve coordination of activities in Adobe Marketing Cloud.
  • Unified Login
    • The Adobe Marketing Cloud now provides a common access point for solutions allowing customers to access, navigate, and collaborate between and across user experiences.
  • Integrated Digital Asset Management (coming soon)
    • The integrated DAM system will store, manage and share assets across all Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. Marketers will be able to search, find, edit, annotate and upload assets and organize assets by folder and campaign, and it will include full metadata support.
  • Campaign Setup Wizard (coming soon)
    • Marketers will be able to quickly create a campaign, specifying campaign title, team and asset repository. If Adobe Creative Cloud users are invited, their Creative Cloud account will be synchronized automatically with the campaign's Digital Asset Management folder. Automatic synchronizations and integrated sharing, commenting and annotations mean that marketers will always be up to date with their creative team and that assets don’t get lost in transfer.

To learn more about any of these products visit or to learn more about the Adobe Summit, visit the Adobe Summit website or follow us on Twitter during the summit for real time reporting.