Adobe Announce Integration of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite & Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe today announced the integration of two big content solutions, its Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) with Adobe Experience Manager, part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Adobe's integration was designed for both publishers and brands to deliver content-centric apps, dramatically reduce publishing costs across channels and utilize app measurement capabilities from Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud.

So, let's get into exactly what's new. 

Faster App Content Authoring & Brand Consistency 

This new integration, in combination with Adobe Analytics, enables publishers and brands to create, deliver and measure experiences across content-rich apps, like digital magazines and the Web, using  just one set of assets in the process.

As a result, organizations can accelerate application authoring, reduce publishing costs across channels, and deliver a consistent brand experience and content marketing strategy on the Web and mobile devices.

Now, the combination of DPS and Experience Manager allows organizations to deliver relevant, timely branded content by:

  • Authoring compelling app content faster —using Adobe Experience Manager’s intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, content and creative assets can now be seamlessly added to responsive HTML templates, which are then synced with DPS. Templates are uploaded as articles into an existing .folio within DPS for publishing to tablets, smartphones and the Web. Responsive templates automatically size to different mobile screen sizes allowing organizations to design once and streamline content publication to multiple devices and the Web.

  • Decreasing publishing costs across channels —creative teams, production staff and business managers can now leverage approved creative assets for delivery into content-centric apps, reducing dependence on Web production and design staff. They can ensure more timely delivery of content with greater control over mobile brand experiences as well as the ability to quickly update content as needed.

  • Maintaining a consistent brand and user experience —production staff can ensure brand consistency across Web and content-centric apps by using approved, versioned assets that are centrally located and managed through Experience Manager’s Digital Asset Management.

A Time & Money Saver

Regarding the announcement, Nick Bogaty, head of digital publishing for Adobe, had this to say: 

“DPS and Adobe Experience Manager make it significantly easier for publishers and brands to produce consistent, rich content for customers on mobile and the Web. Delivering interactive magazines for mobile devices and content for the Web used to require separate assets, teams and time. That’s now a thing of the past. The combination of our tools will arm savvy CMOs with a tremendous advantage, helping save time and money and providing a competitive brand advantage.”

As the quote implies, publishers and brands can look forward to a streamlined content production process across channels, which will naturally result in savings to both time and money.

In addition to the new integration with Experience Manager, DPS also offers full app measurement capabilities from Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud.

The combination of DPS and Adobe Marketing Cloud allows publishers and businesses to create, deliver and measure rich-content mobile apps, ensuring the most impactful content reaches the right audience.

For more information on the Integration, check out the official Adobe DPS Blog.