The CMS industry is almost as old as the modern internet. What started with simple CSS standards, server-side includes, and Cold Fusion has evolved into a mature marketplace of tools and platforms that power millions of websites across the planet.

With countless enterprise, open-source, headless, cloud, and SaaS solutions crowding the landscape, CMS continues to expand – as does the very definition of "Content Management." In addition to websites, CMS platforms have become hubs for managing experiences across an omnichannel of endpoints, from apps to the IoT.

The CMS industry is still growing – and poised to reach $123 billion by 2026. As testing, personalization, digital commerce, and customer data become essential features of an integrated stack, CMS users and buyers are feeling more confused and overwhelmed than ever.

That's why CMS Critic exists: to help individuals and organizations make better, more informed decisions about their technology choices by providing a wealth of human knowledge and industry insight.

Founded in 2008 by Mike Johnston, CMS Critic has built a legacy as the most trusted resource for unbiased and timely news, reviews, and guidance about Content Management Systems (CMS), Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), and related digital and cloud technologies. Every day, our staff of dedicated industry experts provides readers across the globe with quality content that clarifies, simplifies, and elevates the conversation about CMS and beyond.

Our Vision

To build a positive, diverse, respectful, and engaging community of like-minded voices from across the CMS, DXP, and related technology fields – and together, share our expertise, inform markets, and help shape the future of digital experiences.

Our Values

At CMS Critic, we focus on building bridges. We put people first, not technology, with the goal of connecting around our common interests. As an industry, we experience many of the same challenges, and learning from one another is perhaps the most powerful benefit we deliver. As an organization, we value honesty, transparency, integrity, and creativity in everything we produce – and we do it all with respect and reverence for the people behind our content, as well as those consuming it.

Our Community Guidelines

CMS Critic relies on its community of critics, experts, and enthusiasts. While our editorial staff generates regular news and reviews, we depend on outside contributors to elevate the quality and objectivity of our content experience.

To participate as a member of our community, we ask that you observe these basic guidelines:

  1. The staff at CMS Critic is vigilant about providing fact-based news that is well-researched from reputable sources – and we encourage our critics and contributors to be as honest and factual in their use of data, statistics, and other metrics.
  2. The publishers of CMS Critic are firmly committed to remaining unbiased about any products, platforms, or services that our contributors feature in their content. We support an agnostic point of view, allowing critics and contributors to provide their own opinions fairly and openly.
  3. As a media platform, we encourage participation from every corner of our community, and we endeavor to do so in a safe and respectful manner. We do not publish any content that explicitly disparages or harasses people or companies, and we do not tolerate any language that is sexual, racist, or otherwise unprofessional in nature.

If you have any questions about our community guidelines, please contact us at

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