A White Label Website Builder That Works for You

Every business is different. The one thing they all share, though, is the Internet.

As a designer, agency or freelancer, getting your clients online can account for most, if not all, of what you do. Anything you can do to make the process easier is always worth your time.

Enter White Label website building, from Ucraft.

This powerful builder solution offers dynamic website creation, right out the box. And the best part?

You’ll be able to put your name on it, and use the platform as your own, with their blessing. Let’s take a closer look.

Build Smarter, With White Label Solutions

White label solutions are a simple concept: imagine buying a soda to give to someone else. Only, instead of Coke or Pepsi, you bought a drink with a plain white label on it. You could put anything you want on that label, right?

The same goes for white label solutions such as Ucraft White Label website builder.

The trick, though, is finding a product that can do enough that you’ll want to put your name on it.

Ucraft’s white label website builder solution offers the kind of versatility you’re looking for:

  • Drag and drop editing, for no fuss design
    Not everybody’s a coder. With visual design controls, though, anybody can put together a site that looks great, and works without any problems.
  • Fifteen unique third-party integrations, for more features
    Looking for something out of the ordinary, design wise? With these comprehensive design packages, you’ll find that special something you’re looking for.
  • Google Cloud hosting
    As one of the most famous hosting platforms in the world, with future-proof infrastructure and serverless computing, your site’s in good hands on Google Cloud. And concerns about capacity are a thing of the past.

There’s actually a large cross section of software companies who make use of website builders like this. It makes sense, from a business perspective.

Customers get rich, responsive websites that look as good as anything else on the market and you don’t have to bring a fulltime web developer.

Which isn’t to say developers can’t get just as much out of Ucraft’s White Label solution.

As more people make use of this web development tool, they’ll be able to use that to bring gorgeous web platforms to clients, faster than ever before.

Their white label admin dashboard, for example, puts you and your client at the wheel of your website’s design and metrics information. And, with the option to incorporate ecommerce into your website, you’ll have everything you need to bring on local businesses as clients.

Payment options including Paypal, Bitcoin, Braintree and Apple Pay make this perfect for setting up an ecommerce site, as well.

A White Label Solution That Works For You

Ucraft’s new White Label web design platform is an unbranded website builder with a lot to offer. Easy-to-use design elements and a huge array of features make this the perfect solution for your web building project.

Want to know more? Why not get in touch with them, today, to find out about using White Label for yourself?