A Look At ProcessWire's Latest Core Updates

ProcessWire, the open-source PHP platform, has some updates well worth noting.

CMS Critic itself is powered by ProcessWire, an exciting product that was recently crowned winner of the 2014 Critic's Choice Award for Best Free PHP CMS.ProcessWire 2.6.1 has been made the new master version, pushing ProcessWire 2.6.2 to the dev branch with all new field-level access control and overrides support. Let's dig a little deeper.

What's New With ProcessWire (Version 2.6.2)

Updates including the page editor reminding you to save your work have been made to vesion 2.6.1, making it the latest master version of ProcessWire.

Version 2.6.2 is now the latest dev release, which adds the following:

Field-level Permissions: A Whole New Level of Granularity for Built-in Access Control:

The introduction of field-level permissions into 2.6.2 has been labeled as a “big announcement” by the ProcessWire team.

Until now, permissions have been managed at a template level, meaning essentially that the superuser can decide which roles have view and/or edit access to any given template.

Because permissions are inherited from the parent page to any other pages using a template that doesn't define its own permissions, this system should be both simple and (relatively) flexible. Various 3rd party modules already provide features for users wishing for more control than the template-level access control system can offer, but lately, we've also seen increasing amounts of requests for a more granular core-level access control system.

This latest core update brings very similar access control to the fields themselves, meaning that instead of giving a specific role edit access to a template as a whole, you can actually specify which individual fields a given role can view or edit.

Additionally, these settings can be redefined on a per-template basis, giving superusers a whole lot of new control over how site content is managed (or viewed, for that matter).

Read more about ProcessWire's new field-level permissions.

New Overrides Tab: Improves Manageability of Per-template Changes (Or Overrides)

Another new addition to ProcessWire 2.6.2 also affects fields.

When editing a field, there's a new tab by the name of “overrides”, and what this tab contains is a list of all the per-template changes made to the settings of the current field. Per-template values are displayed right next to global ones, making this view very easy to read and understand.

Not only does the overrides tab allow you to see changes made to field settings, but it also allows you to remove them if you so choose. Especially considering the new per-template field-level permissions, this new tool can really come in handy!

Read more about ProcessWire's Override tab.

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