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The Elxis team releases Elxis CMS 2008.1

...Some of the key features of Elxis are: automated tasks, AJAX technology, multi-lingual interface. For Security you get: Elxis Defender, FloodBlocker, Logins Recorder, extended access control and administration login page cloak. Integrated mechanism for creating search engine friendly URLS called SEO PRO making it optimized for search engines, is XHTML/CSS valid and table-less. AND fully adjustable members list and complete... Read More →

Elxis Review - a look at Elxis CMS 2008 series

Elxis is an interesting cms that expands upon traditional mambo code by adding an amazing set of SEO features (something sorely lacking in Joomla and Mambo by default) and enhanced security among other improvements. In this Elxis review, let's examine their latest edition and see how it looks. As you can see from the picture below, they feature an attractive... Read More →

Elxis CMS 4.0 Nautilus Beta Released

The Elxis development team are happy to announce the release of the next generation of their CMS, Elxis 4.0 Nautilus. Elxis 4.x is a brand new CMS built with object oriented programming. Features include: Uses PDO as a database layer Supports multiple sites under one installation (multi-sites) Extends the use of AJAX jQuery ready Mobile ready XHTML5/HTML5 ready Small footprint... Read More →

Elxis open source CMS 2009.2 released

...release notes (detailed with screenshots) can be found on their wiki but here is a summary: automatic translation to more than 90 languages update checking new link sharing tools new comment notification features the ability to easily invoke secure url's a new set of screens used to display site-wide messages such as fatal errors and site offline status. Details: Read More →

Elxis CMS 4.0 (Nautilus) is available

...frontend only to specific ones (the default option is to use all available languages). With the release of the stable version we strongly encourage you to download and use Elxis 4.0 instead of the old series 2009.3. For those currently running older versions of Elxis, you can see the differences in this comparison between the two editions. More info: Read More →

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