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eFileCabinet: DMS in the Cloud or On-Premise stored inside the DMS. Read more about document management systems. eFileCabinet: In The Cloud & In the House Like CMS, there are an array of document management systems to offer. But eFileCabinet offers hard-hitting features that empower a company to manage their data with agility. Store eFileCabinet works from the second you have a hard copy of a document... Read More →

The eFileCabinet App: A Mobile Document Management System

...version of eFileCabinet. You can select multiple files at once, including large file sets, and choose to send them to a colleague or client, all from within the eFileCabinet app via SecureDrawer — a secure client sharing portal with bank-grade encryption that overcomes breach-susceptible aspects of traditional email. The Digital Wingman To be frank, there’s not a lot the eFileCabinet... Read More →

Paperless Office Software: How eFileCabinet Simplifies Office Life

...helped over 10,000 businesses and more than 160,000 users worldwide to make the switch. But just how does a DMS like eFileCabinet simplify life in the office? More Space Just how much office space does your organization lend to filing cabinets and shelving? The answer is likely way too much. With eFileCabinet, you can scan existing files into the system... Read More →

eFileCabinet integrates signature capability via RightSignature

Document Management vendor, eFileCabinet has announced the integration of RightSignature into their suite of tools. This is good news for current and future customers and puts them one step closer to being able to move to a fully paperless office. This new integration allows users to: Easily send documents for signature online. Automatically file collected signatures within the eFileCabinet folder... Read More →

Document Management FAQs: eFileCabinet Answers

A Document management system answers many questions: how do I reduce operating expenses? How do I save money in newfound places for my business? How do I scale back on paper use in my office? However, the software itself also poses important questions to those who are considering using it. Here eFileCabinet answers many of the most FAQs received from... Read More →

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