55 Ways to Build a Website with BlueHost

—– Website Building with BlueHost & WordPress

A web hosting provider should give you more than just web hosting.

Uptime, speed, and customer support are all important, but what about the tools you need to kick-start a new website? After all, your new website idea is precisely why you needed a web host in the first place.

Starting from just $4.95 per month, BlueHost – CMS Critic’s web host of choice – is a hosting provider which gives you those tools in the form of quality content management systems and website builders. Fifty-five of them in fact.

The best part? They can all be installed on your domain name within minutes. Maybe even seconds.

Here are some quick guides on how to do that with WordPress, Weebly, and GoMobi Mobile, along with a look at the easy installation for the other fifty-two CMS that work so seamlessly with BlueHost.

Website Building with BlueHost & WordPress

With BlueHost, your website can be up and running on the worlds most popular CMS/blogging platform – WordPress.

WordPress is used by over 60% of all the websites whose content management system we know. That's over 22% of all websites on the Internet. So, your website would be in good company if you decide to go with WordPress as your platform of choice.

After signing up with Bluehost, you'll have access to your hosting control panel. There, you’ll see WordPress listed under “Website Builders”.

Bluehost WordPress

Selecting WordPress will bring you to a new page, where you can click the “Install” button.

Bluehost WordPress
Then, it's time to select which domain name you want BlueHost to install WordPress on. You can choose from any domain name on your BlueHost account.

Bluehost WordPress
Finally, you will then have the chance to fill out some of the details of your new website, like the website name and tag line. These fields are all optional though, so if you like, you can go ahead and click “Install” straight away.

Bluehost WordPress

After that, all you need to do is sit back and relax for a few seconds as BlueHost builds the WordPress website for you. Before long, you will be prompted to visit your website, which will now be running WordPress, enabling you to dive into the world's most popular website building platform.

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—– Website Building with BlueHost & Weebly

Don't worry if WordPress doesn't float your boat, because Weebly is one of many other website builders supported by BlueHost.

Weebly is renowned for its friendly user interface and drag-and-drop page builder. It powers millions of websites across the web.

Weebly is actually a hosted website builder, which means you can use Weebly as a web host when you sign up with them. However, if you're running multiple websites on BlueHost's shared hosting plan, or you simply want the added functionalists that BlueHost brings, you can opt for BlueHost instead of Weebly to host your Weebly website.

After signing up with Bluehost, you'll have access to your hosting control panel. There, you’ll see Weebly listed under “Website Builders”.

BlueHost Weebly
This will take you to the Weebly plan selection page. You can choose between the free, professional and eCommerce plans. To get started with the free plan, you only need to assign it to one of your existing domain names.

Then, you simply click “Use Weebly”.

BlueHost Weebly

You will then be presented with the Weebly user interface, which allows you to immediately start building pages for your website. It's that easy.

BlueHost Weebly

—– Website Building with BlueHost & GoMobi

The last of the “big three” website building platforms which BlueHost displays to its users within their control panels, is GoMobi.

GoMobi is an easy-to-use mobile website platform that enables you to create premium mobile websites. Its friendly interface makes it easy to create feature-rich mobile websites that are quick to load and easy to use. Plus, you need no technical knowledge to make it work.

As with WordPress and Weebly, you'll be able to see GoMobi via your hosting control panel after signing up with Bluehost. You can find it listed under “Website Builders”.

BlueHost GoMobi
You will then be taken to a page asking you to agree to GoMobi's terms and conditions. GoMobi will set you back $2.99 per month. If you're happy with that, you can go ahead and click “Get Started”.
BlueHost GoMobi
This brings you to the checkout page, where you will need to follow the instructions in order to complete the purchase.

To cut a long story short, you'll end up with your GoMoi control panel as seen below, ready for you to start building a mobile website.

BlueHost GoMobi
GoMobi is certainly not the fanciest platform on the market, but it's one that BlueHost pushed alongside WordPress and Weebly on the front page of its control panel. But there's plenty more where they came from, as I'm about to show you.

—– The Full List: 55 Integrated BlueHost Website Builders

WordPress, Weebly, and GoMobi are three platforms displayed on the front page of BlueHost's control panel, but there are actually fifty-two more – all just as easily accessible.

Here's the complete list of BlueHost integrated website builders:

  1. WordPress
  2. Weebly
  3. GoMobi
  4. Xoops
  5. Joomla 2
  6. Joomla 3
  7. Drupal 7
  8. Drupal 6
  9. B2evolution
  10. Croogo
  11. OCPortal
  12. MODx
  13. Concrete5
  14. LiveSite
  15. phpwcms
  16. PHP-Nuke
  17. Textpattern
  18. PyroCMS
  19. e107
  20. Geeklog
  21. AnchorCMS
  22. Chyrp CMS
  23. Noah's Classified
  24. Open Classifieds
  25. ShopSite
  26. PrestaShop
  27. CubeCart
  28. OSCommerce
  29. Magento
  30. OpenCart
  31. TomatoCart
  32. ZenCart
  33. AgoraCart
  34. Moodle
  35. Chamilo 1
  36. Chamilo 3
  37. LimeSurvey
  38. Simple Machines Forum
  39. Vanilla Forums
  40. My BB
  41. phpBB
  42. PunBB
  43. Coppermine
  44. Piwigo
  45. Zenphoto
  46. Gallery
  47. 4Images
  48. Oxwall
  49. Elgg
  50. Pligg
  51. MediaWiki
  52. PmWiki
  53. Tiki Wiki 9 LTS
  54. Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
  55. DocuWiki

Every single one of the above website building tools can be installed just as easily as the previous demonstrations of WordPress, Weebly and GoMobi.

All you need to do is visit your control panel after signing up with Bluehost, and find Simple Scripts, which is listed under “Website Builders”.

BlueHost Website Builders
Then, click “Install New Scripts”.

BlueHost Website Builders
You should now see all fifty-five website building platforms (along with an array of other useful applications), all ready to be installed with a few clicks each. Not too shabby, if you ask me.

BlueHost Website Builders
So there you have it. Fifty-five BlueHost website builders, all waiting to be installed in a matter of minutes.

This brilliant flexibility is what makes BlueHost the web host of choice here at CMS Critic. It's the perfect way for web experts and web newbies alike to get their hands on the best CMS for their projects. Fast.

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