4 CMS With Awesome Smartphone Apps

4 CMS With Awesome Smartphone Apps

A CMS (Content Management System) is used to create and maintain digital content – typically in the form of a website. That management of content is still primarily done from a desktop of sorts, but with the business world becoming ever more flexible, the need for mobile content management is growing.

If you're looking for a CMS that will enable you to produce and edit your website's content from the road, here are five platforms ranked based on the quality of their mobile application.


Wordpress is perhaps the most well known self hosted content management system on the web. Countless websites are powered by either the .com or .org versions of Wordpress so it should come as no surprise that their app is number one.

The Wordpress app for iOS allows its users to publish content from within the app, edit pre-existing posts, and view their site statistics. The application also acts as a way for people who just want to consume content to use the app as a reader for the most popular Wordpress blogs and sites. The ability to do pretty much anything you need to from the app paired with its blog browsing capability edges out the not so steep competition.

Download (Free): iOS & Android


Ghost is a popular new(ish) blogging platform that has been gaining momentum. They were smart and released an app for Android quickly within a short period of time from their initial release.

Ghost includes features like:

  • Simple, intuitive interface based on Material Design
  • Markdown editing with preview - swipe to switch between editing and previewing
  • Native image upload from your phone or a web link
  • Offline mode - the app designed to work 100% offline -- just sync when you're connected later! Ideal for travellers and journalists.
  • 100% Markdown compatibility with Ghost - insert images, footnotes and code blocks like you're used to
  • Attach tags and a cover image
  • Works with Ghost Pro (ghost.io) blogs as well as self-hosted blogs
  • Conflict handling - when a blog post is edited simultaneously from the app and elsewhere (e.g., via Ghost web), we will detect the conflict and show you a nice UI to decide what to do - so you never lose your hard work!

Get Ghost for Android


The Weebly app for iOS allows you to manage your Weebly website on the go. Over 50 million artists, makers and creative entrepreneurs around the world have already created a website or online store using Weebly. Enjoy the freedom to create, launch and grow your online business, website or blog directly from your iPhone or iPad, wherever, whenever. Enjoy a simplified process of building your site with our easy drag and drop builder. Tell your unique story and build your brand with Weebly.

Don't have a Weebly website yet? Sign up for free today!


The Wix app allows you to discover a whole new way to engage with people and manage your business on the go. With your own customizable mobile place on the Wix app, you can start discussions, create a blog, host events, offer membership plans, take bookings, and so much more. Invite your contacts to join as members and enjoy all the benefits of your own app without the hassle and expense.

The Wix mobile app caters to all your social and business needs, with a customizable interface and tons of features.

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Weirdly, That's All Folks

When I sat out to write this post, I imagined I would really have to fight to narrow it down to the final five.

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, tablets, and workers on-the-move, I was shocked to find that only a select few CMS offer solid mobile apps.

So, the main takeaway here is that CMS vendors should really consider making a useful mobile app for their consumers.

Is there a Content Management System that you wish had an app? What does a good CMS app need to do for you to spend money on it? Let me know in the comments below!

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