10 Best Plugins for Elementor Page Builder

Looking to save time, we expect to find the solutions that can ease our pain when customizing WordPress websites. Indeed, overloaded with an abundance of advanced options and extensions, it's hard to make the best decisions. Yet, you might be happy to know that it's far simpler with plugins for Elementor page builder.

This time around we'll explore the power of JetBlog, JetElements, JetTricks, JetEngine, JetReviews, JetParallax, JetMenu, JetTabs, JetWooBuilder and JetBlocks plugins. Well, there are ten of them. The best part is that you can use them in your designs and boost its functionality big times. Need more? Don't shy away from checking other Elementor plugins for your project.

Created by highly skilled developers, numerous helpful plugins for Elementor page builder come in handy for a variety of purposes. If you are still new to Elementor add-on plugins, find out more useful information with tips on this video. That's easy, right?


This time around, though, to help ease your work & save the day, we'll go over the best 10 plugins for Elementor. Stay tuned and find the solution that fits your particular needs best.

JetBlog – Blogging Package for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

To help you enrich your website pages with stylish content widgets, JetBlog comes in handy. Better yet, JetBlog is one of the best plugins for Elementor page builder to trust. Designed to showcase your posts in a more eye-catching way, JetBlog allows you to create and customize text tickets, smart tiles and smart lists.

  • works with Elementor;
  • supports RTL;
  • offers multiple typography settings;
  • is totally responsive.

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JetElements – Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

JetElements is here to ease your worries and assure that creating content is easier than you might imagine. The thing is that it comes with multiple elements, Contact Form 7 and tons of high-class modules. The latter, besides, contain an awful lot of style options and functional settings to help you enhance your content with animation, gradient backgrounds and custom fonts.

  • integration with WooCommerce;
  • WPML + RTL support;
  • multiple home page templates;
  • multiple pre-designed blocks at hand.

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JetTricks – Visual Effects Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin

Keep your visitors needs in mind when empowering your website with eye-catching visual effects. Look no further, add JetTricks plugin to your collection. No extra coding skills needed, instead, the extended functionality of the plugin can make your page look more striking.

  • satellite functionality;
  • tooltip effect;
  • section particles;
  • Parallax effect.

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JetEngine – Adding & Editing Dynamic Content with Elementor WordPress Plugin

Used to work with dynamic content? With JetEngine plugin, it's easy to create custom post types, taxonomies, Elementor-built templates and showcase them. Moreover, you can easily jazz the different types of content to match your company's identity or add important information even without bothering with code.

  • offers 40+ easy-to-use widgets;
  • multi-layered Parallax for sections;
  • full responsiveness;
  • WPML + RTL support;
  • grid, masonry & justify image layouts.

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JetReviews – Reviews Widget for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

JetReviews is a go-to tool when it comes to creating review blocks and rating bars. In addition, it comes with multiple styles, layouts, and, what's more, tons of customizable elements for rating and review blocks.

  • responsive to the boot;
  • multiple eye-catching styles of rates & rating bars;
  • compatible with WP Review;
  • immaculate typography.

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JetParallax – Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Designed to help you create as many Parallax layers as you need, JetParallax plugin is second to none to make it happen. It allows you to create eye-catching pages by applying countless Parallax layers to different sections. Thus, you can enjoy a variety of behavior triggers, speed, animation effects and custom positioning.

  • immense Parallax layers usage;
  • animation speed;
  • mouse move and scroll behavior type;
  • custom position settings;
  • Parallax background rich functionality.

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JetMenu – Mega Menu for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

To help you make it big in creating a Mega Menu in a drag'n'drop way, JetMenu plugin is always at hand. Being one of the best plugins for Elementor, JetMenu includes an awful lot of style settings to apply for different menu presets.

  • easy-to-use stylization process;
  • fully responsive design;
  • exquisite badges;
  • diverse colors;
  • customizable backgrounds;
  • Mega Menu module.

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JetTabs – Tabs and Accordions for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Do not shy away from creating and implementing outstanding tabs and accordion blocks to your website. Do it right & enjoy creating breathtaking tabs & accordion widgets in a jiff. Besides, tons of easy-to-use customize settings can help you showcase your content the best way.

  • multiple tabs layouts;
  • full responsiveness;
  • intuitive appearance;
  • image accordion.

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JetWooBuilder – WooCommerce Page Builder Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin

Help your online store stay ahead o the curve by creating WooCommerce Product pages on a go. With JetWooBuilder, it's easy to display the products and create single pages. Besides, it applies 4 WooCommerce layout widgets and can be used to any page created with Elementor.

  • intuitive appearance;
  • easy-to-use functionality;
  • tons of style settings;
  • versatile customization options.

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JetBlocks – Elementor Header & Footer Widgets WordPress Plugin

Enough bothering with code when creating headers & footers. Enjoy simplicity and flexibility with one of the best plugins for Elementor JetBlocks. Thus, it comes with 9 exquisite widgets required for building and applying login forms, search boxes, WooCommerce carts or registration forms.

  • designed to work in perfect sync with Elementor 2.0 PRO;
  • multiple style settings;
  • the go-to tool for building headers & footers;
  • simplicity & no coding skills.

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CrocoBlock – Elementor Addons

In fact, the entire site can be built based on your page builder and its extensions to make it function much better. This is how Elementor drag and drop plugin and CrocoBlock subscription work. If you use them together, you can build new page templates, theme parts, MegaMenus, work with WooCommerce Single page templates with ease. In this case, building a website requires zero programming skills and isn't restricted to the features of your theme.

In the end, you can design your WordPress site without hiring a designer. Come rain or shine, these 10 plugins for Elementor page builder can get you through that day job with ease. The best part is that even non-tech-savvy users should not worry about a thing. Just use any of them to your benefit.

Have you already tried Elementor plugins? Well, it's a right opportunity to grab it.