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Symphony CMS 2.2.2 released

By Mike Johnston August 2, 2011 News & Headlines  Comments

A new version of Symphony CMS has been made available. This new release of the open source XSLT content management system offers a myriad of bugfixes and improvements.Symphony, for those unaware, is an XSLT based CMS that offers plenty of power with a minimalist interface (which I personally love).… Read More →

Symphony CMS 2.1 released

By Mike Johnston July 28, 2010 News & Headlines  Comments

Symphony CMS has seen a new release with version 2.1 being let loose on the public. From the brilliantly funny press release by Craig Zheng of the development team:The Symphony team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Symphony 2.1, codenamed Hot Wallaby Ba—oh, wait, that’s right… we don’t do codenames here. Sorry. More secure than ever, and so stable we should be sweeping horse manure out of it, Symphony 2.1 is the last major build in the 2.* series.… Read More →