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See you at the Adobe Summit!

See you at the Adobe Summit!

By Mike Johnston March 19, 2014 Editorials  Comments

Next week, I will be attending the 2014 Adobe Digital Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. Held at the Salt Lake City convention center, this event is definitely a unique one that I do my best not to miss. Not only is Salt Lake City a beautiful place but Adobe tends to put 110% into their conferences and this years will be no exception.… Read More →

What You Can Expect from the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2013

By Mike Johnston February 26, 2013 Editorials  Comments

The Adobe Digital Marketing Summit is one of the largest (if not the largest) digital marketing summits out there and is, in my opinion, one of the best to attend if you want to stay on top of the trends happening in the industry. Adobe has become the top contender in the digital marketing arena and their products show their ability to not only stay current with customer needs but also to innovate and create new ways to position products and services. The Digital Marketing Summit is set to be held in beautiful Salt Lake City, UT from March 4-8, 2013.… Read More →

The Summit Bash at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit

The Summit Bash at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit

By Mike Johnston March 22, 2012 Editorials  Comments

If we learned anything while attending Adobe's Digital Marketing Summit this year, it's that Adobe knows how to throw a party better than anyone. Entering the aptly dubbed "Summit Bash" we were greeted with BMX and Skateboard stunts at an impromptu set of ramps that had been setup in one section of the party.Adding to the ambiance of the party was DJ Mick Boogie putting out some awesome tunes.We had barely entered the party when a character on stilts swung open an enormous set of drapes expanding the already huge hall into one three times the size.… Read More →

The Adobe Digital Marketing Summit

By Mike Johnston March 12, 2012 Editorials  Comments

Adobe will be hosting their annual Digital Marketing Summit this year in Salt Lake City, Utah and CMS Critic will be in attendance to bring you the latest coverage of this event. With key speakers such as Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post and Biz Stone, Co-founder of Twitter, this event is sure to offer valuable insight to those looking to expand their marketing strategies. On Wednesday, Adobe is bringing in a surprise headliner for a concert on site.… Read More →

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