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Microsoft SharePoint emerging as CMS platform of choice but new research highlights ‘gaps’ that information professionals seek to fill

By Mike Johnston April 23, 2013 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

Microsoft SharePoint has emerged as the gateway to the mass of stored enterprise information that organizations around the world rely on to conduct business each day, but there are areas in which its capabilities need to be augmented by additional applications – particularly for metadata management and automatic classification – according to new research.… Read More →

Smartlogic announce availability of Semaphore for SharePoint 2013 as well as support for Microsoft Office 365

By Mike Johnston November 20, 2012 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

In line with the changes introduced by Microsoft to SharePoint 2013, Smartlogic has announced the SharePoint version of its pioneering Content Intelligence solution, Semaphore, by onward developing its capabilities to ensure content standards across large and far-flung organizations, while simplifying and automating classification.The new Semaphore for SharePoint 2013 augments SharePoint 2013 to enhance the search experience, drive content management and workflow processes, standardize metadata across the enterprise, and eliminate the burden of manual classification of content.… Read More →

Smartlogic release Semaphore 3.3, a new version of their pioneering content intelligence platform

By Mike Johnston January 20, 2012 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

Smartlogic has released the latest version of its pioneering Content Intelligence Platform, Semaphore, offering more features to enhance enterprise search, drive business workflow and organize enterprise metadata, as well as providing capability for much closer integration with SharePoint 2010, the widely used corporate information management system from Microsoft.The new features available with Semaphore 3.… Read More →