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ExpressionEngine CMS version 2.2 hits the wild

By Mike Johnston June 22, 2011 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

ExpressionEngine 2.2 is now available for download.  This is a major release and brings improvements on a number of fronts: a new file module (and related enhancements), speed/code optimization, a developer friendly authorization library, 180+ bug fixes, CP user experience tweaks, and improved documentation.Some more on the changes: The Comment Control Panel received a significant performance overhaul and will load faster and handle significantly more comments. It eliminates redundant cookies and now features salted passwords for better security. Over 60 bugs have been squashed.… Read More →

Contensis releases R7 with a whole set of changes to the CMS

By Mike Johnston May 18, 2011 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

The new release of Contensis includes a large number of additions to the already extensive list of features this CMS offers.A quick summary of the changes: Major update to the dashboard Move to .Net 4 Integrated Pipeline Mode Upgrade from JQuery 1.4.2 to 1.5.2 Complete re-write of JavaScript framework Dropped support for SQL Server 2000 QA module re-write (now with WCAG2 / 64bit server support) New Dashboard There is now a new dashboard that brings actions, content and usage statistics to the forefront of the application.… Read More →

SilverStripe 3.0 preview 1 is here

SilverStripe 3.0 preview 1 is here

By Mike Johnston May 2, 2011 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

SilverStripe has introduced a new preview release of the upcoming 3.0 version. Some of the main changes are in the separation of the Sapphire framework from the CMS module.There is also quite a bit of work underway to redesign the user interface as well. Here is an example of some of the work being done so far: Check out the latest version by grabbing a copy from here: … Read More →

10 New Weapons in New Bitrix Site Manager 10.0

By Mike Johnston April 7, 2011 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

Bitrix, Inc., a technology trendsetter in business communications solutions, announces the release of Bitrix Site Manager 10.0, a version that includes 10 new weapons in the web and mobile-development arsenal, significant changes in the licensing policies of the product and a brand new module for senior editions.Ten new technologies and tools are incorporated into Version 10.… Read More →

Pligg Content Management System 1.1.4 available

By Mike Johnston March 22, 2011 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

A new version of Pligg CMS is available for download. Combining security fixes with a couple of new features, it is highly recommended that all users upgrade to this current release.We have also added a new anti-spam module titled “Human Check”. Its job is to make life harder on spambots by using an array of honeypot fields and randomized field names. The module will operate on both comment and story submissions.Another new feature added to Pligg CMS is live story previews.… Read More →

Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET launched

By Mike Johnston March 15, 2011 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

Bitrix, Inc., announced the release of a new version of its content management system (CMS) today – Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET 5.5, targeted at website content editors, designers and developers who prefer using the Microsoft ASP.NET platform for their web projects.Key changes in the new version include the availability of several quick-start solutions for typical website categories.… Read More →

ExpressionEngine 2.1.2 Released

By Mike Johnston December 16, 2010 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

A new release of ExpressionEngine has hit the shelves just in time for the holidays. Version 2.1.2 is now available from their website. Here's what Robin Sowell had to say in her release announcement:We’re very happy to get this release out the door in time for the holidays. We again give thanks to all the folks who have helped improve EE through their bug reports and feedback. This release delivers a number of new features and over 60 bug fixes. We also took the opportunity to reduce and simplify a few settings that have repeatedly caused problems in the past.… Read More →