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2013 Critic's Choice Winner for Best Small to Midsize Business CMS

2013 Critic's Choice Winner for Best Small to Midsize Business CMS

By Mike Johnston November 7, 2013 News & Headlines  Comments

The SMB market is a hot one right now and while some former SMB CMS solutions are focusing on the Enterprise space, this has opened up a ton of opportunity for some other players to gain market share.Today, I'm going to announce which Small to Midsize Business CMS was selected by the judges to win the Critics Choice award Best Small to Midsize Business CMS for 2013. Read More →

eZ Summit 2013 to be held in Cologne, Germany

By Mike Johnston February 6, 2013 News & Headlines  Comments

eZ Systems, makers of the popular open source content management system, eZ Publish (check out our eZ Publish review for more info) are hosting their 2013 eZ Summit and Awards in Cologne, Germany on the 28th of February through March 1st.The focus of the summit is to bring their platform to the attention of new businesses who are looking for new and advanced digital platform solutions.… Read More →

eZ unveils eZ Publish Enterprise 4.4

By Mike Johnston September 29, 2010 News & Headlines  Comments

With version 4.4, eZ Publish provides users a range of new features that will help them succeed in their day-to-day use of eZ Publish, whether they are simple end users reading content on a website, occasional contributors, editors or administrators.The brand new built-in Online Image Editor will provide a simple and easy way for editors to perform the most common tasks of photo management in eZ Publish. New with this version, the native support for HTML5 video makes HTML5 video feedback an off-the-shelf feature. No tricky development needed, simply reuse the HTML5 video datatype.… Read More →

eZ Systems set to boost innovation while enhancing business value to professional users

By Mike Johnston September 8, 2010 News & Headlines  Comments

In one of the big announcements at this year's eZ conference, eZ Systems revealed some important changes to the way they encourage and integrate innovative contributions to eZ Publish, their open source platform. The eZ Publish core is currently developed solely by eZ Systems engineers.Now, eZ Systems will offer the eZ Publish Community Project, a version of their open source platform which will open the development process up to long-term, trusted community members.… Read More →

eZ Web Content Management platform gets even better with eZ Publish 4.3

eZ Web Content Management platform gets even better with eZ Publish 4.3

By Mike Johnston April 6, 2010 News & Headlines  Comments

eZ is proud to announce the release today of eZ Publish 4.3, the exciting new version of its market-leading Open Source Content Management System. This release is a milestone in the evolution of eZ Publish. A New Administration Interface improves the user experience of editors and administrators, an expanded commenting system boosts End User Generated Content, and the TeamRoom collaboration solution has joined the ranks of certified eZ Publish extensions.… Read More →