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Elxis CMS 4.0 (Nautilus) is available

By Mike Johnston November 13, 2012 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

After a few months of alpha and beta versions the first stable version of Elxis CMS 4.0, codename Nautilus, is here. This version includes a number of bug fixes, improvements, library updates, new interface languages as well as a few new features.Along with the stable version an update patch for all beta versions was also released and you can download it from EDC. Since version 4.0 rev1358 Elxis has multilingual XML parameters and a new configuration option named SITELANGS.… Read More →

Elxis open source CMS 2009.2 released

By Mike Johnston June 17, 2010 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

Elxis, whom we rated as one of the top SEO focused CMS in our article: "Top 5 SEO Friendly Content Management Systems" has a new release available entitled Electra 2009.2.Full release notes (detailed with screenshots) can be found on their wiki but here is a summary: automatic translation to more than 90 languages update checking new link sharing tools new comment notification features the ability to easily invoke secure url's a new set of screens used to display site-wide messages such as fatal errors and site offline status. Details: http://wiki.elxis.org/wiki/Elxis_2009.2_release_notes … Read More →

Elxis CMS 2009.1 released

Elxis CMS 2009.1 released

By Mike Johnston October 8, 2009 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

There is a new version of Elxis CMS available for download from their website. Elxis has been a favourite of our for some time due to it's incredibly solid SEO performance.This new version brings the following changes (see full release notes here.): A new component search which re-orders the results returned by the bots giving the results a global ordering. It also provides pagination and better html mark-up. Elxis e-blog component is now more powerful.… Read More →

Elxis Review - a look at Elxis CMS 2008 series

By Mike Johnston January 24, 2009 (Updated: June 6, 2013) CMS Reviews  Comments

Elxis is an interesting cms that expands upon traditional mambo code by adding an amazing set of SEO features (something sorely lacking in Joomla and Mambo by default) and enhanced security among other improvements. In this Elxis review, let's examine their latest edition and see how it looks.As you can see from the picture below, they feature an attractive installer with several options such as quick links to their help forums, the ability to click ONCE and restart the installation (which is a very sweet addition.. thank you Elxis team)..… Read More →