The ImpressCMS team have announced the release of ImpressCMS 1.3, the community-oriented web platform. ImpressCMS is a web content management platform with a focus on community.

The goals defined for the newest version of ImpressCMS were clear : complete overhaul of the core to improve speed, improve efficiency and improve the architecture. No new functionalities were planned.

With the release of ImpressCMS 1.3, all these goals were met, with pre-production sites showing remarkable improvements in speed and memory use. Also, the totally refactored ImpressCMS Persistable Framework will make core and module development considerably easier.

What's new in ImpressCMS 1.3:

  • Speed improvements
  • Drastically lowered memory requirements
  • Fully PHP 5.3 compatible
  • Facilitated module development
  • Updated versions of many modules

Faster & Lower Memory requirements


The refactoring in the ImpressCMS 1.3 release has resulted in major improvements: less memory use, speedier page loads and less SQL queries per page, making it the fastest and nimblest ImpressCMS to date.

Fully PHP 5.3 compatible

The structure of the code has seen a major overhaul, in order to comply with the current best practices for PHP5. This makes the code easier to write, and easier to maintain.

Facilitated module development

By using the automatic inclusion of required files, module developers can think about improving their module, and not about handling file administration.

Module updates

Many modules have received compatibility updates to work with this release. Other modules have been written specifically to take advantage of the improved codebase of versionĀ 1.3.

Mike Johnston
Mike is the founder and editor of CMS Critic. He consults with vendors and the public to help them find the right products for their websites and businesses. When he's not working here, he's off mixing cocktails for his wife's website, The Kitchen Magpie. You can check out some of his great cocktail shots over on Instagram.

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