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Welcome to our directory of content management systems. This CMS list was created in order to provide as much information as possible about the content management products we cover. Check out the FAQ for more info on how the directory works, how items are rated and more.  Want to feature your software or be able to manage your own page? Grab this PDF to learn how.

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Magnolia CMS 5.2.2 Java 53 LIKES
Magnolia CMS is an Open Source, Enterprise Content Management System, based on best-of-breed Java technology and open standards. Magnolia CMS' mobile inspired user interface and customizable app framework has revolutionized the world of content management. GPL, MNA, www.magnolia-cms.com/license
ProcessWire 2.4 PHP 98 LIKES
Build bigger, faster, stronger, easier. ProcessWire is a free PHP5 open source CMS built to save you time and make development fun at any scale. It works the way you do. GPL
Concrete5 PHP 19 LIKES
concrete5 is a building material for the web. Working with a web designer or pre-existing theme, a site owner can create and easily change the content and structure of a website. MIT
Liferay 6.2.0 Java 27 LIKES
Liferay Portal is an open source enterprise portal written in Java and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License and proprietary licenses. It is primarily used to power corporate intranets and extranets. LGPL
WordPress 3.8.1 PHP 21 LIKES
WordPress CMS started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. GPL
DNN Platform 7.0 .NET 14 LIKES
The DNN® Platform, formerly known as the DotNetNuke® Community Edition is an open, extensible, secure, and scalable content management system that hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world use as their website authoring environment. MIT License
Evoq Social 12 LIKES
Evoq Social, formerly known as DNN Social, is a business solution that fosters and enhances social conversations via its online community platform. Gain valuable insights that can lead to new product ideas and new sales opportunities.
Bigcommerce 2 LIKES
Bigcommerce is an excellent online store builder that offers a plethora of features ranging from your own custom domain name to a ton of great integrations with products such as MailChimp, analytics and more.
3dcart .NET 3 LIKES
3dcart is a powerful online store builder and ecommerce solution that offers a staggering list of features for those looking to transact business online. If you are in the market for an exceptional platform for your store, this is a great product to consider.
Composite C1 3.2 .NET 1 LIKE
Composite C1 is an Open Source Content Management System built for Marketing and Web Professionals looking to create new websites for companies using the latest Microsoft technologies. Mozilla Public License
AxCMS.net .NET
AxCMS.net was one of the world’s first enterprise content management platforms based on Microsoft .NET framework. AxCMS.net is an award-winning, multilingual and multi-site compatible solution. While the software itself is free, addons such as eCommerce and others come at a cost.
phpFox has been on the market for some time and is an inexpensive and well put together piece of social networking software.
Volusion V13
Volusion is an excellent online store builder that offers 24/7 support, tons of templates to choose from, the ability to create daily deals and eBay integration. Add to this the integrated coupons, customer feedback and their other great features and your store is sure to be a success.
Squarespace 8 LIKES
Squarespace is one of the most popular website builders on the market. With an extremely easy to use interface that's sleek and "gets out of your way", they are definitely a top contender. For those on the fence, they offer a free trial with no credit card required.
Business Catalyst (BC) is an all-in-one business website and online marketing solution, built for web designers.
Weebly 2 LIKES
One of the most popular website builders out there with a very large client base and a strong platform based on ease of use.  Used frequently for small business websites. Weebly offers a very easy to use interface and hosts millions of websites on their popular platform.
Bridgeline Digital is a leading Digital Engagement software and services solutions provider, whose iAPPS(r) Product Suite integrates web content management, eCommerce, eMarketing, and web analytics onto a single, user-friendly .NET platform.
Cascade Server 7.6 Java 15 LIKES
Hannon Hill is the creator of the award-winning Enterprise CMS, Cascade Server. Proprietary software
CrownPeak offers online marketers the easiest way to manage, target, publish and analyze web content on their web sites, micro-sites, mobile media, or landing pages. CrownPeak’s enterprise-grade SaaS operates on any web server or platform, and seamlessly integrates with other ECM systems.
Directus 5.1 PHP 1 LIKE
Directus is a free and open source content management system (CMS), content management framework (CMF) and database management system (DMS) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. GPL
Gutensite 4 LIKES
Gutensite would be a great platform for a wide range of websites, from simple brochure sites to enterprise, mission-critical websites that need advanced customization.
SageFrame 2.1 .NET 8 LIKES
SageFrame is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) built on top of ASP.NET. The main objective behind the development was to provide a highly comprehensive management system that could help web developers and designers accomplish projects with ease and efficacy. MIT License
LightCMS is a website system wich allows you to have a website ready in just a few clicks. It uses standardized code, a vast array of tools which fit right into their suite such as eCommerce, Blogs, Statistics, etc., and all the capabilities are enabled on the free plan.
appRain 3.0.2 PHP 2 LIKES
appRain is one of the first officially released Open Source Content Management Framework (CMF). CMF is a new web engineering concept where "CMS (Content Management System)" and Rapid Development Framework perform side by side to produce endless varieties of output in a very limited time.
Magento PHP
Magento is an open source e-commerce web application that was launched on March 31, 2008. Magento uses several key coding practices that make the system both versatile and adaptable both as a web platform and as an e-commerce platform. OSL 3.0

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